Six Pack Jumpstart 2017 

Here’s three things I know will benefit you this new year. In a nutshell

1 – Master the 3 Minute V Taper Exercise

How To Get a Leaner Waist To Create The Superhero Loo

Broad shoulders, wide back, thin waist. This is the hallmark look of the classic physique legends like Frank Zane, Arnold and more recently in the movies with guys like Captain American, Thor and Wolverine.

This three minute exercise will teach you how to train the deep core muscles (transverse abdominis) necessary for creating a thinner, leaner waist so that even if your shoulder and back aren’t where you want them now you can still create a V like shape with you physique.

The move were doing is called the stomach vacuum exercise and was popularized by bodybuilding legend Vince Gironda.

There are 3 levels here ranging from beginner to advanced:

Here’s the beginner version.

Full demo here


On the floor

Laying on the floor with hands over head.


On all fours (hands and knees)


Standing with hands over head or sitting with hands over head.


#1 Pick the position you prefer (beginner, intermediate, advanced)

#2 Push out all the air from your body.

#3 Now, without sucking in any air, try to make your belly button area touch your spine (by sucking in the lower stomach region) hold that position as long as you can.

See video for live demo.


Practice for 3 minutes a day holding your stomach vacuum as long a possible. Aiming for increasing the length of each hold.

After each rep wait 20 to 30 seconds then go again.

Week #1 

1 x per day for 3 minutes (morning before food)


2 x per day for 3 minutes each session  (morning before food and before bed)

Week #3

2 x per day for 3 minutes each session   plus do a few in between sets at the gym

Break Through These Mental Barriers And Unlock Your Six Pack Abs

Barrier #1 – Realizing the road to your greatest self will NOT be linear and there will be hiccups and stalls. Accept it.

The greatest barrier many new trainees face is the day that their progress comes to a halt and their old strategy doesn’t work anymore. This is NATURAL and inevitable realize this and over come. The universe is not just picking on you and your body is not broken, its adapting.

What NOT To Do:

  • Quit.
  • Freakout.
  • Binge Eat.
  • Starve yourself.
  • Kill yourself with cardio or excess exercise

There are ways and strategies to use to get past this point. In my “5 Simple Steps To Burning Fat and Getting A Six Pack”  I explain some troubleshooting tips that explain exactly how to progress and what to do when this happens.

Barrier #2 – Second guessing yourself and jumping ship  – “I must be missing something because person “X” lost 10lbs in 7 days do y. Maybe I should start doing that??”

We are constantly comparing ourselves to others. Whether its our co workers, on social media, or even with people we look up to. The fact of the matter is you CANNOT get thrown off course because Sally lost more weight than you and see eats carbs after 6pm so maybe that what I should do.

Now many your approach is flawed but we will never know if your changing you approach every 3 days when you see a new article on “the 5 best fat loss foods.

Here’s what to do: Be objective.

Don’t let other people ruin your experiment and approach. Find an approach you want to try. Set a time table and objective measure by which you will dictate success or failure (i.e. weight loss, amount of energy in the day, or before after pics).

Test your approach. Evaluate results. Be results driven, not fad driven.

Barrier #3 Self Sabotage and letting your social environment shut down progress.

  • Will my overweight friends still like me if I transform my body?
  • Will they alienate me?
  • Will they feel worse about themselves?
  • Will I be hurting them and their feelings?

Don’t lower yourself fit in with others. How many times have you conformed to the environment at a party of an office meeting and eaten crap, because you didn’t want to be the only one eating? You didn’t want to standout from everybody else. Getting fat together is always better than getting fat alone right?

Don’t let you environment (ie coworkers and friends) pull you down.  Don’t let the following poor excuses hold you back.

I come from a family of fat people…ALL of my siblings struggle with their weight. I’m the odd ball, I also make it a point to be harshly honest at times with them about their eating habits. Pick and choose your fights though. Remember your doing them a favor by not sugar coating the situation and setting the right example. Tough love is effective love.

This is a common mental block that will show up as one starts to see success or progress and their peers start to take notice. Sometimes they feel the need to conform to the group as to be accepted. (For example going out with friends and ordering something that will ruin your weight loss progress instead of ordering something the will meet your diet goals, because you don’t want to be singled out as the “health nerd”.

Then after the cravings from the meal lead to a massive binge and eventual failure….

To conquer your peers and social pressures. Be open with friends and those you work with about the importance of changing by stating your reasons.

“Its important to me that I make these changes because if I don’t my kids are not going to take their nutrition seriously and that ruin their lives.”

Stating deep and real reasons lets them know that its important and if they care their less likely to bust your balls about it all the time. Even if they do, realize where the ball breaking is coming from…..their insecurities.

Be up front.

Be prepared with protein shakes/ snacks etc. Develop thick skin for the ball breakers and realize its not going to ruin your relationship with that person. Get fit, then help others do it.

The Six Pack Jumpstart Mens Grocery List/Shopping Guide:

Before you get started with the 10 Day Six Pack Reset Challenge  We Gotta Get Some Things Straight:

Your shopping list (note: these are options don’t buy all of the items)

Fruits/ Veggies

Strawberries 1 packet

Blackberries 1 packet






Red bell pepper

Yellow onion

Red onion

Sweet Potato

Garlic (8 cloves)

Cilantro (1 small bunch)



Mixed Greens


Red beet (bonus

DAIRY & EGGS (Grass-Fed / Pasture-Raised)

Eggs (3 dozen)

Greek Yogurt 

Organic Heavy Cream

Cottage Cheese 2%



Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Mustard (1 tbsp)

Pickle Spears (optional)


Rice (any)

Potatoes (any)


Cous Cous



MEAT, BONES & BROTH (Grass-Fed / Pasture-


Nitrate-Free Bacon

90% or greater lean ground beef

Boneless, skinless chicken thighs

Grass fed beef/pork

Smoked Wild Salmon

Albacore Tuna (canned)

Trout Wild Caught

OTHER (Organic)

Dark chocolate bar (75% or darker)


Sauerkraut (refrigerated, never bought at room temp)

Spirulina powder.

Tips To Get The Absolute Most Out of The Six Pack Jumpstart Challenge

  • Stick with it even if you miss a day or two!
  • Ask for help! Do know how to do something or do you need a strategy ?
  • Talk about what you struggle with, constraints or what your confused about. On day one your will introduce yourself and explain you H. F. G. (High Focus Goal) 
  • Be sure to watch the day 10 video! I’ll be giving one on one strategy calls to the action takers.

See you on the inside!

Questions? EMAIL [email protected]


Luis Diaz

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