50 The 5 best Ab Exercises, Testosterone, Strength Training For Fat Loss For Beginners, Sleep Rituals..Step 2

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Step two is where the fun begins, hitting the gym or just exercising in general should be a fun activity. If you hate it then your doing it too much or aren’t doing the right type of activity.

Pro Tip: It doesn’t matter if everyone is saying you should do workout “ABC” or the best way to exercises is by doing “XYZ”. If you don’t like it, screw what they say and go find something you actually like doing.

Biking, swimming, roller blading, pilates, yoga, dance, chase rabbits I don’t care. Have fun because we all end up in the ground eventually…..

Now.. today were going to cover the ying and yang of exercising and producing results. Kinda important eh?

Training and recovery, you need both no matter what your goal is. Since your here I’m guessing you want to get lean, add some muscle and get pretty damn strong.

So yup recovery (and training)  are very important. This episode is going to layout what I wish my first trainer would have told me (whom I paid over $800 to) About what need to take place in order to get ripped.

However, I know I stress recovery BUT I don’t mean train like a pansy and then go sit on your ass for 3 days. 97% of recreational trainees are NOT overtrained but under recovered.

This means that their stress levels, sleep quality, nutrition, and many other factors are impairing their ability to step into the next workout ready to kickass… are you?

After this episode you’ll have a MUCH better understanding than 90% of the people at your gym on how to recovery ,what impacts recovery and how to train when your goal is fat loss.

I also answer questions like…

  • Do you ACTUALLY need cardio when your just beginning? What to focus on instead.
  • Direct ab work? When should you start doing it?
  • What exercise should you being doing as a beginner?
  • What taxes recovery and how to recover better?
  • How to reduce stress for better gains.
  • The best moves for a bigger chest and a  V taper?
  • A very important to to execute the military press like a pro.
  • What front squats are more important than back squats

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Show Notes:

  • Myths about cardio…when is it needed? Whats the trade off? [05:00]
  • Direct ab work? When? [06:15]
  • The exercises you need to focus on 90% of time on the gym for a beginner [07:00]
  • One important tip for the military press [08:00]
  • Body weight  moves ….the big 3 [10:00]
  • 5 Ab moves I recommend starting with [13:00]
  • Muscle Building/ Fat Burning Sleep… 5 Steps for maximizing sleep and what NOT to do [17:00]
  • Nutrition for optimal & testosterone and recovery, pre/post workouts, fats for better testosterone levels [21:15]
  • Low stress equals more progress in fat loss and muscle building. Plus the one supplement Alex recommends to help with stress. [26:15]
  • Biofeedback – Lowering stress, tips and tricks from a former podcast guest and my former coach. [26:00]

Grab the COMPLETE Guide with all the Videos, workout tips and details, exact workouts, supplements, nutrition hacks, meals, pre workout and post workout nutrition etc..




1. Screens – Blue light blockers for night time.


2. Caffeine cut it out early.

3. Alcohol/Smoking: Kills stage 3 & 4 sleep where most of the growth hormone is produced. So this is a huge progress killer.

4. Night time routine

5. Drink so tea for enhancing sleep.


What not to eat after a workout and what to avoid to better testosterone.

1. Caffeine = post workout is a no no

2. Soy products, soy lecithin and other soy products

3. Process meats

4. Peppermint and other anti-androgen herbs


Stress from work, relationships, family events, school, and other areas of life can mess with recovery.. You CNS (central nervous system) has a limited capacity to recover from all stressors. So this means high stress = LESS fat loss, , muscle gain and a overall slower pace,

Reduce stress in daily life by.

1. Taking small walks in the SUN get some vitamin D.

2. Mediating

3. Caring less about trivial shit.

4.  Writing in a journal.

5. Only supplement of its kind from what I know that Alex recommend while on the podcast..





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