27.5 Fitness Model Tips For Living Lean, Paleo, Gut Health & Morning Routines

Insider Tricks From a High Performance Executive Health Coach and Former Mens’s Fitness Model Health & Performance and Nutrition Hacks, tools and tricks.


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It’s not often you come across a guy like Mark. After working under some very impressive coaches and professors like Dr. John Berardi and Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (AKA the “Flow” Professor) Marks been able to help top entrepreneurs and many normal guys like you and me look, feel and transform their bodies from average to astonishing. But not just with fancy training programs and diet plans. Mark’s helps you reprogram your mind for becoming the person you want to be.

From overweight as a child to making a living from his abs, we get into how to make small changes that have huge long term impact. The diet he puts pretty much all of his executive clients on, the “go to” workout he used before big photo shoots, the number one investment under $100 that will help you get lean and the key elements of a morning routine, how to break sugar addiction,  how to establish habits that stick, how to avoid candida, and the “sweet spot” for sleeping to build more muscle and repair your brain cells. Be sure to say hi to Mark on youtube and be sure to pick up the How to meditate guide at


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Show Notes:

    • Mark’s Fitness Story Fat Kid To Fitness Model [04:40]
    • The first step to fat loss and overall health [12:18]
    • Key elements to a great morning routine [14:23]
    • The reason behind high sugar cravings [24:50]
    • Make your own probiotics: fermented foods [27:26]
    • Building Habits for long term low digit body fat [30:24]
    • Best Buy under $100: Hydro -flask [33:01]

  • The Go to workout for losing the last few pounds [37:55]
  • Upgrading your sleep [43:58]
  • Daily supplements of the high performance coach, Mark [49:05]

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