28.5 Vince Delmonte – 4 Tips to Stay Lean & Ripped With A Busy Life & Family, Living Large, Mass Mechanics & How to say NO to your cravings.

Vince Delmonte – 4 Tips to Stay Lean & Ripped With A Busy Life & Family


Enter the muscle building expert, Vince Delmonte. A guy whom I’ve learned tons from not only in fitness but in business. But todays he’s coming on the podcast and talking about the behind the scenes things he’s been doing to steadily build and lean ripped physique while NOT tracking calories and enjoying life.

We get into the major problems within the fitness industry and why a vast majority of the things and people you see online are  simply not going to work unless you plan on stepping on stage.

A few things to really pay attention to (that will reap HUGE benefits for you if your looking to get ripped anytime soon….)

  1. The daily habits Vince uses to maintain a six pack while no tracking calories at all.
  2. What you need to learn before you even think about how many reps and sets yours doing in the gym.

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Show Notes:

  • The problem with extremes in fitness [11:25]
  • Negative habit reinforcement.Understanding why your NOT sticking to your diet. [17:00]
  • How to address a diet failure [19:10]
  • The 2 Types of Hunger (fat burning mode vs. starvation mode) [20:30]
  • Listening to your body? How to say NO. Satisfied Vs. Full [23:50]
  • How to eat for better digestion, absorption, and fat loss. [25:10]
  • Mass Mechanics – Faster Progress With Less.How To train Smarter for More muscle, less fat with
  • proper exercise execution. [30:50]
  • Living Large the book, making getting ripped easy get to 10% Body fat with ZERO cardio [38:40]
  • MAT – Muscle Activation Techniques [43:00]
  • Best Buy under $100 [49:00]

Vince’s Videos

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