28 M.E.D. Fat Loss Workout. How To Workout Without A Gym And Get Lean.

 M.E.D Fat Loss Challenge Get Lean Without Leaving Home

Can you build the leaner, healthier, stronger body in your living room with just one piece of equipment? Well, yes, you can. Even though barbells and bodyweight exercises are my thing I’m a fan of kettlebells because of their versatility and because there don’t take up much space.

I’ve prepared a special 3 day/per week program for complete beginners who want to get lean strong and sexy at home. Of course the gym is a good option too, but the M.E.D. (minimum effective dose) for a beginner isn’t much. If you need video references for some of the moves there below. I would spend a good 4 weeks perfecting the form of these moves with little to no weight. Hire a professional if need be. There not easy but they are well within the reach of any healthy individual.

If you want to know whats the bare minimum you need to do and what are the most effective exercises for functional strength and effective fat loss then this episode is for you. Enjoy.



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Show Notes:

  • Does burning fat only have to incorporate weights? [03:58]
  • Minimalist training the rules and guidelines[05:07]
  • Workout #1 For M.E.D. Fat Loss [05:52]
  • Workout #2 For M.E.D. Fat Loss [07:41]
  • Workout #3 For M.E.D. Fat Loss [09:07]

Resources mentioned:

The Minimum Effect Dose Fat Loss Challenge:

M.E.D. Training Directions:

  1. Full Body 7 minutes every other day.
  2. Tools – Kettlebell ( 1 to 2)

Workout #1

  • Goblet Squats
  • Kettlebell Swings

20 reps each keep track of how many rounds you do, rest when needed.

Workout #2

  • Kettlebell Lunges 10 (each leg)
  • Burpees 10

Track the amount of rounds you complete. 

Workouts #3 (no weight without form) 

  • KB Cleans & Press 5
  • Turkish Get Ups 3 each side


Video Links: 

Kettlebell swing: 

Goblet Squat: 

KB Clean & Press


KB Stationary Lunges:

Turkish Get Ups: Scott’s one of the brightest guys I know. Highly recommend his podcast (The Rdella Training Podcast) . If your looking to 10x your strength, fitness and performance. 


Common mistakes:
TGU’s are not easy practice more and find someone near you to perfect it before using weight

Extra Credit:

If you have a heavy Kettlebell:

Do KB Deadlifts add one to two sets of 10 deadlifts

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