29-5 Tips To Avoid Fat Gain When Drinking Alcohol (How To Get Away With It)

 Avoid Fat Gain When Drinking Alcohol..Here’s How


Booze and burning fat don’t typically mix. Its wrecks sleep and therefore has a negative effect on testosterone and growth hormone production. This impacts fat loss and muscle building efforts despite how hard you work in the gym. But who doesn’t love some nice dark ales or some bailey’s Irish Cream or hell some eggnog regardless of the time of year?? Its going to happen eventually if you don’t live under a rock…

But theres still hope. With a little planning and moderation you can successfully mitigate the damage of alcohol and still enjoy yourself when out this December. Sit back and take notes so that your ready for your next alcohol infused holiday event.Enjoy.




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Show Notes:

  • Fast Facts about Alcohol [38:40]
  • Tip #1: Limit fat intake on that day [05:07]
  • Tip #2: Keep your training and drinking separate [07:11]
  • Tip #3: Choose your alcohol wisely, avoid these specific types!!!  [08:39]
  • Tip #4: Eat lean protein and fibrous foods before drinking [10:02]
  • Tip #5: Be in a caloric deficit when and how? [11:25]
  • 3-Day Schedule leading to a night of drinking laid out strategically to minimize fat gain and progresss [12:22]
  • One simple tip that can save you from a hangover ruining your day[16:24]

Resources Mentioned:

Resources Mentioned 

  • http://bayesianbodybuilding.com/science-binge- drinking/
  • https://disqus.com/by/mennohenselmans/
  • http://www.leangains.com/2010/07/truth-about- alcohol-fat- loss-and- muscle.html
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