31-The 8 Best Fat Loss/Muscle Building Episodes of 2016

What are the 8 keys that will unlock the potential of your body in 2017?

If your not satisfied with your results then I recommend you revisited these conversations and experiment with the tips, tools and ideas tossed around in them.  I’ve hand picked the top 8 game changer episodes that I believe can have an enormous  impact on your success in 2017.

Even better, I’ve done the work for you and pulled out the ONE key take away from each episode I’ve listed. This is the ONE thing you can apply to your life to make drastic change, in record breaking time.

My challenge for you is to pick just one thing from this top 8 list that you can apply to your life for the first 10 days of 2017. Challenge yourself to get uncomfortable and push yourself out of the comfort zone.


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Show Notes:

Ep 18 -The First Rule of Fat Loss, and why fitness is a waste of time if you don’t obey [04:25]

Big Take Away: If your a beginner and you want the real secret of how stay lean for life and get faster results now then here is it….you have to  start to take stock of what your putting in your mouth. No  tracking calories is not an ideal long term strategy but it will train your brain to be more conscious of what your eating and how much, and thats important.
EP 19 Revisiting macros and how this impacts your body. Which is best high carbs, high protein? Keto ? How to figure it out for your body. [06:52]

After quantity the quality of the foods will have a major impact of whether you look ripped of just skinny fat and sick. The less unprocessed the BETTER.
. EP 21 Obese to anorexic to ripped with Hugo [9:03]

Planning and preparing are really boring topics. (not for me personally) But planning and preparing workouts, meals, and your exercise is how the best of the best play. They don’t wing it, they have a strategy. Its time to play like pro, stay planning and preparing ahead of time for success.
. EP 24 Building muscle and keeping your Abs, tips and tactics for getting bigger stronger and LEANER! [12:00]

Alain’s no nonsense ideas and advice about tracking progress, no avoiding carbs, and his personal HIIT routine and how following the best of the best like Alan Aragon, Brad Schuohenfield and others will set you up for massive success in your goals

Links Mentioned:
Meal Prep course for busy men

The Final 4 – The Goodies From The Top 8 Podcasts of 2016!

#5 Episode 13 7 Mistakes Guys Make When Trying To Get Lean

Big Take Away: Unrealistic ideas about fat loss. This is the mental game that I messed up over and over again. The thing I would tell myself If I were starting over is that you have to be read to take your lumps, get knocked on your ass and then get back up. The stars will NEVER be aligned just perfectly for your first fitness transformation. Never. You have to make it a priority and carve out the time to GSD (Get shit done). No other way it’ll happen


#6 Episode 11 The ANTI Grocery List 

Big Take Away: The crap we are constantly surrounded by today will ruin our ability to burn fat, build muscle, have great sex  and  have confidence and happiness. Its up to you to protect your testosterone levels from these things.  The key take away here is to seek quality foods NOT processed foods, because its doing more than just getting your fat. Of course you can enjoy yourself once in a while but keep it to a minimum and remember there’s more to it than just fat gain.

Bonus: Now as I am writing this I’ve discovered something recently that murders T Levels and I did not mention it in the podcast at the time of this podcast release. Its not a food or supplement but its a T wrecker and theres an easy way to fix it and send you test levels back up to the norm. If you read the 4 hour body.  You will see just how powerful this one switch is. 

Tip: Keep your phone/laptop AWAY FROM YOUR BALLS.

Keep in a shirt pocket or off in your brief case or book bag. Just away from the kids. Tim’s experiment with this proved it to be quite a game changer. So there’s the bonus take away.
#7 Episode 26 Forgotten Steps of Fat Loss

Alex Mullan is great coach period. I had the pleasure of picking his brain and as usual he didn’t disappoint. We covered major ground in this one but if theres one thing I took away that stuck in my head (even gives my goose bumps) is this…


Big Take Away Step #3 in his 10 forgotten steps to successful fat loss.

Learn to fall in love with the process of getting shredded to the bone. – Alex Mullan

If you learn to enjoy the process, the work, the results, and everything that goes into it then its not work, its fun. Though still difficult at times and yes you will hate at times. If you can enjoy it and not think of it like a prison sentence then the results come and stay.

How many times have you heard of someone getting “in shape” only to gain the 10, 15 or even 20 pounds back? I bet they didn’t like the process of dieting, getting in shape or changing their bodies.  Find  the fun in the little things, find the process enjoyable. Thats a whole other podcast but its a big idea that can reap rewards if you embrace it.

#8 Episode 25 Heat Shock Proteins, Fat Loss Sauna Experiments, Testosterone Wrecking, Chinese Wrestling and More With Erick Avila

Big Take Away Theres so many really good tips, ideas and strategies Erick kindly lays out and ones I’ve been itching to try myself and have. The biggest idea is activating heat shock proteins via the sauna. Studies show the ability to burn fat faster and amplified muscle building capabilities with regular use. Now, theres a lot more to it than that but the idea of using a sauna for a dual benefit like that is something that cannot be overlooked since its pretty easy to just sit in a sauna and let the heat do the work.

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