34 DUP & Flexible Fat Loss with Mike Samuels

DUP Training, Squatting & Deadlifting Technique Tips and Flexible Fat Loss




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I was lucky enough to have a guy who really loves to talk training on the podcast today, Mike Samuels, co creator of The DUP Bible and a trainer who understands the middle ground of fitness and really does a great job of making fitness work for his clients.

Unfortunately, the extremes of fitness does not work unless your competing. The same training, exercise and nutrition protocols used by people competing are attempted by people who has no desired of competing. This leads to problems, I’ve been a culprit of this too, I’m not perfect. But going back to this episode we’ve got a lot of USEABLE strategies for men and women who want to get strong and sexy 🙂

We dive into the nuts and bolts of the main lifts (bench, deadlift and squats). If your looking for some tactical x’s and o’s for the deadlift and squat specifically this is a GREAT episode for you!

But, even if your not I still know you can learn a bunch, from DUP training, flexible fat loss mistakes, a go to bodyweight training travel workout, deloads and how to avoid hunger during a calorie deficit. You will enjoy this one, especially if you like English accents.


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Show Notes:

  • DUP Training 1 on 1 [08:14]
  • Life style training, fitting fitness into your life not your fitting life around fitness. [13:07]
  • Techniques, flaws, bad habits and Tips & Exercises for lifting more [15:18]
  • Mental Deadlift Tips for pulling big weight.[18:36]
  • Box Squats, how to properly do them. [19:59]
  • Deep Core Work & Best Exercises (RKC plank) [24:43]
  • Managing Hunger, tools and tips. [28:04]
  • Bodyweight training & Mike’s Go To Travel Workout [34:10]
  • Rules of Flexible Fat Loss [37:17]
  • Biggest Mistakes with Flexible Dieting [42:17]
  • Best Sub of All Time [45:28]
  • Deloads who, what, where? [50:00]

The Travel Workout:

  • Chin Ups 4 sets as many as you can without kipping 
  • Push Ups (variations: spider man push ups, Dive bomber push ups, ploy push ups)
  • Forward/Reverse Lunge (on the same leg 10 to 15 times then switch)
  • Split Squat (slow on the way down, pause then back up] 10 to 15 reps


Flexible Fat Loss Set Up:

Women 9 to 12 x pounds of bodyweight = Total calorie intake (+- 50 cals)

Men 11 to 14 x pounds of bodyweight = Total calorie intake (+- 50 cals)


Lower end: if you not very active. i.e. 3 days training + a sedentary job.

Higher end: Training 5 to 6 days plus a relatively active job.

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