36 How to Overcome Crippling Anxiety and Become an Alpha Male with Tony Versic

Become an Alpha Male with Tony Versic

A few years ago I was in Tampa, Florida at a small hotel patio with about 100 other young hungry “fitness guys” like myself. Out of all the talking, yelling and laughter one voice broke through, that was Toni.

A fun loving guy from down under who loved to joke, laugh and have a hell of a time. He was a stand up guy and one of the most approachable guys in the group. From what I could see at face value he was super comfortable with being the center of attention. However, I didn’t meet the old Toni, the guy he was growing  up, the guy who was shy, not confident and was definitely a stand up guy with character, charisma and could deadlift over 430lbs.

Today Toni gets into his transformation from having crippling anxiety  attacks to helping thousands of guys redesign their bodies and build an alpha male physique.


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Show notes:

  • Overcoming extremely bad anxiety [05:18]
  • Hitting rock bottom and getting back up [07:39]
  • Breakthroughs towards building muscle, confidence and getting ripped [10:08]
  • Daily routines to maintain confidence and positive attitude [12:16]
  • Toni’s awesome fitness challenges [16:23]
  • Biggest struggles in transforming mentally and physically? [19:13]
  • Fitness industry peeves [24:48]
  • Books to help regain confidence and deal with anxiety [30:24]
  • Toni’s training regimen and fitness goals [32:27]
  • Nutrition and training strategies for fat loss[37:52]
  • How to be LEGENDARY [41:34]

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