37 The 4 Foods That Always Cause Fat Gain (plus the key ingredients to AVOID)

The 4 Foods That Always Cause Fat Gain (plus the key ingredients to AVOID)


Unraveling the complex effect of food on our body chemistry is a life long endeavor. But most of us don’t want to wait that long to figure out what works and what doesn’t in order to get to a sustainable lean body, with defined muscles like we often see in our favorite movies. (My personal favorite, Chris Evans from Captain American or Chris Hemsworth from Thor)

Those ripped, lean physiques can be obtained but it takes diligence and making the right choices with food 97% of the time. Today we cover what food choices I suggest you say HELL NO to. In most cases these foods will cause rapid fat gain. Sad part is that their often thought of as “healthy” or a better choice than x, y or z. The main problem is the insulin response they cause and the low quality ingredients you often find in them.


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Show Notes:

  • The 2 recurring themes among the most harmful foods on the planet [01:59]
  • Food #1 Trail Mix and the Like [3:15]
  • Commercial salad dressings [05:35]
  • Cereal [07:15]
  • Gluten Free Baked Good [10:05]


Commonalities of the WORST Foods on the Planet:

1- Highly refined sugars – high fructose corn syrup, table sugar, rice syrup, malt syrup etc
2- Low Quality oils – Soybean oil, Sunflower oil, Corn oil, Rapeseed oil

#1 trail mix /granola

Avoid trail mix if your goal is fat loss. Using trail mix and similar products as a “snacking food” is a horrible idea. Main reason why is simple. In most cases these foods are often made with a high glycemic sugar that will sky rocket insulin which turns on anabolism (tissue creating process and storage of nutrients) If you haven’t just completed a resistance training session then theres a high percentage chance your going to be storing that trail mix in fat cells.

In addition, trail mix usually contains nuts or some sort of fat dense food. Mixing fat and carbohydrates in the same meal is a bad idea for weight loss. In simple terms, your body loves carbs and would much rather run of carbs then fats when given the option to do so.

What happened when you give it both fat and carbs?? To be overly simplistic your body will use the sugar for energy right now and store the fat.
Tip: stick to fat and protein or carbs and protein, avoid mixing them 85% of the time. Cheat meals or diet breaks are the only time I would say its ok.

#2 Commercial salad dressings:

Highly processed hydrogenated soybean oil, mixed with chemical stabilizers to enhance shelf life and we can’t for get the low quality highly refined corn syrup to top it all off. Your salad just turned into a fat gaining trojan horse.

If you need to flavor a salad stick to olive oil and vinegar, dry seasonings are best also.

Why soybean and corn oils generally suck.
Both of which come front sources (corn and soy bean) the are main genetically engineered in the U.S
Which has been linked to Diabetes. Know how HFCS worsens diabetes, which is mainly rooted in insulin problems.
Metabolic syndrome. Learn why you should say no to HFCS-containing soft drinks and other foods that may cause this condition.
Damage to your immune system. Acquaint yourself with how asthma, food allergies, multiple sclerosis and other immune system problems are triggered by use of sugars such as HFCS!
Speed-up aging process. Know through this E-book how HFCS and other sugars and grains accelerate the aging process.

#3 Cereal:

Starting your day off with a cereal especially if your not going to go exercise is a bad idea. (Actually its a bad idea pretty much always, unless your an elite endurance athlete carb loading before an event).

Studies have shown the link between consumption of high glycemic foods and obesity.

Nowadays my pre workout doesn’t even contain coffee most days. Just a quality protein source, quality fat source and plenty of water. (You can learn more about what I recommend for pre work supplementation by connecting with me on Facebook).

Cereal isn’t the breakfast for a lean ripped physique or optimal performance…here’s why:
Little to no protein
Often from a grain source which robs you of nutrients and causes inflammation
Creates a sharp rise in blood sugar and also nutrients which inhibits the growth hormone response from training.

Usual Suspects

  • Cherrios
  • Captain crunch
  • Corn flakes
  • Cocopuffs
  • Reese’s Puffs

** Similar brands

#4 Gluten Free Baked Goods (Muffins, Cookies, Breads)

Gluten free means those with celiac disease or those who have problems with gluten can eat that food. It does not mean its healthier to average person that can tolerate gluten. It contains no mystical fat loss powers and it is by no means a freebie.
Keep in mind
Energy balance is still going to be the biggest factor
Gluten free foods still usually contains low quality ingredients and highly process food

What To eat instead of this stuff???

Well thats a good question. But instead of just give you ideas I would rather tell you exactly what I am currently doing to stay lean get leaner while enjoying my life and not starving….

Coffee (heavy cream or just black usually with cinnamon)
Tea (black, green, Chamoline, Valerian)
Sparkling Water
Water (usually with lemon added)
Chicken Breast With Almonds roasted in coconut oil.
2 eggs 2 white 2 pieces of Turkey Bacon and Sauerkraut

Post Training
My customized protein shake from (truenutrition.com) 65% grass fed whey 35% Waxy Maize
Rice Cake + Cottage Cheese

Two handles of spinach
Sun-dried Tomatoes
Sardines or tuna in olive oil (or steak/chicken or another animal protein)
Carrots, Onions peppers

Late Night
Cottage Cheese
+ Peanut butter

Hope That Helps!!

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