42 The Ultimate 5 Minute Test of Mental Toughness, Key Nutrition Principles for Massive Results, Strength Stacking and More

Kettlebell Conditioning, Simple Nutrition Rules For Massive Results and Key Training Variable To Track


This is LONG overdue but I’m happy to say the wait is over, today I sit down with kettlebell expert and former PT (physical therapist) Scott Iardella. Scott runs the R Della Training Podcast and Scientific Strength Podcast.

To say Scott has been a huge help in my own personal development would be an understatement. From training to podcasting he has had an enormous impact on me, so I wanted to share his knowledge with you guys.

We cover a lot here, from making consistent PROGRESS in your training and fitness journey, a 5 min mental test that will push you to your limits, the top key exercises for long term results, how to get lean without compromising muscle mass,  the key principles behind his nutrition philosophy and much much more. 🙂

You will come away a smarter trainee and person after this one I guarentee it.

Be sure to checkout Scott’s Podcast’s and his website. (Its a goldmine for someone looking improve their performance in training)
The R Della Training Podcast
Scott’s Website (The main hub!) 

One of my favorite reads when I need straight forward answers. ….The Edge of Strength.

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Show Notes:

  • Bodybuilder to performance and function athlete [04:00]
  • You can’t progress if do not track. Exactly what to test and measure [06:35]
  • The #1 thing you need to bring to the gym…every time [10:45]
  • The #1 and #2 ways to make progress. Structures and frameworks for real strength [12:00]
  • Strength Stacking – The progression of superior strength [15:00]
  • Sample Exercises for Strength Stacking, key moves for each level of strength.[17:30]
  • Olympics lifting and how it impacts more than just strength [21:30]
  • Sitting, how to stop it from ruining your body. [24:00]
  • Getting you Lats involved in the deadlift, lifting heavier, injury free. One Simple tip [26:00]
  • Deadlift Gold, how to analyze and improve everything you do in the gym. [29:20]
  • Conditioning for fat loss like a badass. The ultimate condition tool. [31:20]
  • The single most effective exercise in Scotts opinion. [32:45]
  • The essence of fat loss, simple principles you keep skipping. [33:45]
  • Two exercises for strength conditioning, getting lean and NOT losing muscle mass. [34:45]
  • When to increase carbs for training hard. [37:55]
  • The protein supplements you should avoid [39:45]
  • A normal day of eating [40:30]
  • The Ultimate Mental Conditioning Test [44:45]
  • Mindset Resources [48:10]
  • Mental cues for completing hard workouts and the conditioning test. [52:00]
  • The handful of exercises you should be doing for life. [53:00]
  • Training the Vestibular System [59:40]
  • Book Recommendations [1:01:00]
  • The ONE step to take today [1:04:00] 

Strength Stacking

  1. Stack One: Crawling:
  2. Stack Two :Tactical Pull Ups
  3. Stack Three: Kettlebell Swing (Hard style) & Turkish Get Ups
  4. Stack Four :Barbell Squat/Barbell Deadlift
  5. Stack Five: Snatch & Clean and Jerk

Links Mentioned:

Scott’s Book That Covers Everything in this episode in greater detail pretty much. The Edge of Strength: An Unconventional Guide To Live Your Strength And Discover Your Greatness
Mark Divine – Unbeatable Mind

Steve Siebold – 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of The World Class, The Thought Processes, Habits and Philosophies

The 5 by 5 Framework Scott mentioned.

The 7 Most Important Kettlebell Exercises

The One Thing By Gary Keller

Think and Grow Rich

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