44 A NEAT way to burn fat and get lean, without more cardio

 Burn Fat and Get Lean Outside of the Iron Jungle, better results through life’s daily challenges. 

So today were going to get into a very often forgotten piece of the fat loss puzzle. This topic is something I think a lot of people can and should pay more attention to in order to get leaner, with less activity or time in the gym.

Since most people spend a vastly greater time outside of the gym (23:1). Its important to take into account how this time is being spent and what can you do to make more beneficial for you and your goals.

During those other 23 hours of the day what exactly are you doing? Are you active? Are you moving? Are you in a car? Are you sitting stiff as a statue for hours and hours on end?

Do you have dedicated movement breaks? The other 23 hours outside of the gym consist of A LOT of various activities, but most people don’t set this as a time for pushing towards their goals. Whether thats to get below 10% body fat or just get the first 20 pounds off. NEAT calories count and today I’m going to share a powerful study that will help you see the impact it makes and also a few killer strategies to make these other 23 hours of the day count towards you achieving and maintain the lean, ripped body you want.
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Show Notes:
  • What is NEAT, NEAT  defined [01:50]
  • Where does NEAT go in the energy equation. [03:40]
  • How to boost NEAT calories, several simple things you can do today. [04:30]
  • The free course for setting up your meals and diet for fat loss [05:00]
  • Overfeeding and neat calories study from Levine Et. Al [05:33]
  • If you sit down a lot READ THIS BOOK! [08:30]


Study Highlights:

  • Fat gain ranging from .79 lbs to 9.3 pounds
  • Changes in BMR and TEF were unable to explain this difference.  BMR went up only 5% accounting for 8% of the extra energy while TEF went up 14%, simply to accommodate the extra food intake
  • Exercise type was kept to low levels so that was kept pretty constant through the test group.
  • The amount burned from NEAT calories ranges form -98 (so one person actually decreased even though they had an extra 1000 cals ) to +692 cal/day. So the they burned almost 700 calories by just what they do out side of the gym, which is pretty impressive.
  • The study shows one common theme which is basically this…the higher the increase NEAT the less fat gain subject saw.

The All Important Energy Equation:

BMR (basal metabolic rate) + TEF (thermic effect of food) + NEAT+ Cal burned from physical activity exercise = daily energy requirement

The 10 K Step Challenge:

Very simple, everyday get your 10,000 steps in at a bare minimum!

My FREE Course that will teach you how to set up you calories, meals and give ya a few free recipes 🙂

How to boost NEAT Calories:
1. Walk MORE (aim for 10k steps per day)
2. Cleaning ,mopping, sweeping
3. Parking farther away.
4. Set a timer every hour or so and dedicate 3 to 4 minutes to muscle contractions, bodyweight exercise and movement.
5. Get a standup desk.
6. Speed walk for brief exercise bouts at work or while commuting, these are simply taking an intense walking pace for long stretch of land. Maybe a 200 to 300 yards.
Links Mentioned:

The Book Deskbound…. a must read! https://www.amazon.com/Deskbound-Standing-Up-Sitting-World/dp/1628600586

Luis Diaz

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