45 How To Set Up Weeky Rules, Rituals and Habits For Burning Fat and Building Muscle

Get A Beach Body Using Small Weekly Wins

CAUTION! The content inside this podcast is highly tactical, effective but NOT sexy. It just works. Having rules and habits  you can rely on beats wild gusts of motivation and gusto 10 day all out blitz’s any day. Don’t get me wrong I recent did a 10 challenge, why? We all love a challenge the key is getting people to buy into a new way of thinking then teach them how to play the long game.

This is the long game. Rules, habits, rituals = results

This podcast was recorded a little while ago so be sure to listen to closely to the intro so and look BELOW because I’ve added some of my latest metrics for success before summer.

This podcast covers three areas (but I’ve added a few bonuses)that you should focus on and track on a weekly basis. This how you actually make progress.

So sit back and learn what you need to begin to track to get your physique on TRACK!

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Show Notes:


  • New updates, sleep, stress, tracking, where to find the holy grail of resources [01:50]
  • The nonnegotiable of your life, why you need to create rules and rituals for massive success [06:00]
  • Cheat Meals, when why and how often? What people often get wrong..[08:00]
  • The rules for getting ripped [09:30]
  • Outcomes V. Process Goals pick the right goals [10:00]
  • Gymnastics training for mobility [11:30]
  • Small batch prepping food numbers. What You need if your on the go. [12:25]
  • Tracking exercise, the top three. [15:00]


Tracking the time in bed (not actually sleeping). This is a process goal because you can control whether or not your in your bed. However, you cannot always control whether or not you can get to sleep!

Tracking Energy levels on a 1 to 5 scale. Simple a subjective measure but its very important and can help you pin point somethings you should not do at night to increase sleep quality.


  • Blue blockers
  • F.Lux
  • Various Teas (Chamomile, Valerian etc)
  • Dan Carlins Hardcore History
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Sleep quantifying >> http://www.nosleeplessnights.com/best-sleep-tracker/


  • How many Walks did you go on?
  • How many meditation sessions did you do?
  • Did you practice gratitude this week?
  • Did you have a fun activity planned? Did you do it?

Journaling: A major key when looking back on the week and pin pointing the areas that I need to improve on. This can be certain thoughts and ideas that may be coming up frequently. Write about your current problems, feelings, and thoughts. This helps identify and get the mental problems out on paper which is big.


  • The Meditation Podcast http://www.themeditationpodcast.com/
  • Youtube: Just Type in anything such as destress, relaxation, gratitude etc and then the word “meditation” and millions will come up.

Journal Tools:
The Five Minute Journal 


  • Pick a single word for the day or to describe your feelings.
  • The one single things that once completed or done will relieve the stress. And is it really worth the stress?
  • Write about what your grateful for.

My favorite destress exercises:


1. Steps (use a Fitbit)
2. Workouts complete (note this could also be just the number of times you have gone to the gym, just the act of showing up)
3. Total Volume.
4. Total time training
5. Stretching and mobility sessions (highly important if you


1. How many times did your will power give in?

2. Lunches out compared to the number of healthy meals from home?

3. Calories/protein/ carbs etc

4. Meal prepared, make it a goal to prepare 5 meals for work every weekend for example.

Rigging the game to win:

I’ve found this to be a very big change in my life. Thing is that I’m like everyone else…I want it all. The body and the life and everything that comes with it, I want my cake and I want my abs….and I’ve learned some ways to accomplish this.

I’ve probably talked about food and recipes and cheat meals a lot but its more than that…. what I’m really getting at here is the fact that fitness is suppose to ADD to your quality of life NOT subtract from it. You can eat cake and enjoy food (within reason) and still have a lean ripped body.

The concept of rigging the game refers to the activities, food choices and decisions you make to factor in life events, foods you love and events in life that are just better with some alcohol.


Food choices/substitutions: Today we have so many choices and we are not forced to eat crap, we can change the ingredients of any recipe to upgrade and modify it so that the calories, additives and macronutrients are completely different.

This makes the possibilities infinite and can greatly reduce damage of certain foods like cheesecake, ice creams, pie, pizza etc. So how do I rig my favorite foods to omit massive damage, and avoid regret.

I make my own ultra healthy versions of my favorite foods. Simple but effective. Another benefit of this is the act of cooking/baking/making these foods is some what therapeutic for me and you can make it an activity with loved ones, kids, family etc. Bonding over food is awesome, especially when it not going to ruin you physique or goals.

We’re often left with two options at these junctions…option A: Eat food with the family that you love but is not going to help your goals, or eat less than you would want. option B is to abstain completely and be the odd ball out. Options C &D ….Rigging the game swap ingredients out of the original meal to reduce calories overall provide a better meal..

Timing: The time you choose to cheat is a big one… avoiding late night food commas and exercising pre meal are smart things to factor in. Theres a lot more to this but I will elaborate on in future if it seems valuable.

Intermitted Fasting as a Tool: Fasting is a health tool first and foremost and a fitness tool second. Fasting once per week for 24 hours is something I’ve really enjoyed lately. It the case of rigging the game I find it useful on days where events and good food are the horizon.

Water/ Supplements: 

More water before the meal (2 large glasses) plus some of the supplements found in the four hour body . Overly simple? Bad in the long run? Some might criticize but I find this to be true…fitness goals last longer than 30 days, 12 weeks and 6 months, its a life time thing. We often forget that we will still have goals, dreams and aspirations after the 6 week program is over. So learning how to enjoy food responsibly along the way with a few tools and strategies is something I find very important.


  1. Make it a doable goal. Think small wins or base hits towards
  2. Make sure you can control it completely.
  3. Aim low and focus on collecting small wins when you start out.

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