46 BUILD MUSCLE FASTER WITH NCS, Shredding Secrets for Comp Prep, BCAA’s and Intermittent Fasting While On The Road.

Mass Construction Muscle Building, Shredding Secrets for Prep, BCAA’s and Intermittent Fasting While On The Road.

A long over due interview but well worth it, today I have Mitch Muller on the podcast, a guy who’s results speak for themselves both with his own body and his clients.

I met Mitch back in April of last year in Miami at a fitness mastermind. Since then he’s been a very busy guy, having launched a new muscle building master piece, Mass Construction as no B.S. science based training program for can add so size to your frame. We touch on some of the techniques in this episode and also dive deep in the mindset, nutrition and real life ins and outs of what its like to get ready for a physique show, from the specific foods Mitch uses and rely’s on to simple tricks he’s used in the past to get down to sub 5% body fat.

I hope you enjoy, learn and most importantly USE some of the gems in this episode. Feel free to say hi to Mitch on Facebook or check out his website and the new program while your at it.

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Show Notes:

  • Skinny, shy to ripped fitness model and elite online coach
  • Slowing things down and getting more results in the gym
  • Perfecting movements for building more muscle faster
  • Tips to use in your next workout for building a better upper body
  • Building Nerve pathways for the mind muscle connection
  • Mind set for burning fat and building muscle in the gym
  •  Mindset trick for competitors doing cardio
  • The simplest but very brutal diet to get lean
  • Competition cravings and the best fat sources for staying full while dieting
  • BCAA’s Intermitten Fasting pre competition.
  • Get your meal shipped on the road with this company
  • Eating out without regret, exactly what to order at a restaurant
  • Mitch’s #1 Rule for eating and getting lean
  • The difference between eating healthy and eating lean…separating your energy sources.
  • Using carbs wisely, when to consume them for minimal fat gain. Carb backloading
  • Eating health Vs Eating For a lean ripped physique one key difference
  • NMS – Secret training weapons for faster muscle gains
  • 5 Killer foods Mitch would structure his diet around for cutting


Links Mentioned:

Mindset Fitness

Meal deliver service faith for fit meals


Protein Donuts…..RECIPE!

Tips on eating out:

  1. Avoid mixing high fat and hight carb foods.
  2. Eat protein first.
  3. Double or triple your veggies. (Not fried)
  4. Have soup for appetizer. Minestrone, or similar high veggie soup.
  5. Avoid alcohol but if thats not an option then stick to vodka, gin, dry wines.
  6. Drink PLENTY of water.
    Energy source mixing a big no no eating healthy Vs eating lean

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