48 Reversing Insulin Resistance, The Problem With High Fat Diets, Intermittent Fasting For More Years & Less Fat

Could A Whole Food, Low Fat, Plant Based Diet Be Right For You?


Can you reverse insulin resistance? Is your diet causing insulin resistance?  Does the research behind high fat diets support their benefit for long term health? Where ELSE fat gets stored besides fat cells that you didn’t realize and what the damage this build up can cause.

I am honored today to have Dr Cryus Khambatta PhD Nutritional Biochemistry  a nutrition and fitness coach with a very effective approach for reversing insulin resistance. We dive into many controversial topics about todays latest diet approaches and how they could backfire in the long term, Intermittent fasting and exactly how to execute it for a beginner, the only fats your really need if your main goal is longevity, the actual range  of protein you should eat if extending your years on this planet is a goal an much much more.

I learned a lot and I know you will too.

Enjoy 🙂

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  • Shocking Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes, unbelievable thirst, no energy, extreme muscular cramps [04:43]
  • What is insulin? A hormone worth its weight in gold [09:13]
  • The most potent signal for insulin signaling [10:15]
  • Going against ALL of todays main stream media, Cyrus’s approach.[14:45]
  • The problem with high fat diets..and what you didn’t know [16:45]
  • Insulin Resistance… the true underlying issue [17:20]
  • Too much fat? Abnormal storage of fats in muscle tissue [18:30]
  • How you can LOSE your insulin sensitivity with too much fat in your diet [19:00]
  • High fat diets and your blood vessels…potential risks [22:30]
  • The Ketogenic diet a recipe for disaster [24:40]
  • Are ketogenic diets good long term? Does the research back it up? [25:40]
  • 3 Principle for Improving longevityLow fat, whole food, plant based diet approach 85 years of research for improved longevity [29:00]
  • Insulin Sensitivity the key to health and a lean high performing body. [31:00]
  • The Key to long term health, eliminating stubborn fat areas and living better becoming insulin sensitive, eating less fat, less protein [34:30]
  • How much fat do you REALLY need to eat? The 4 types of fat explained and only fats you actually need [38:00]
  • Key Foods for your daily needed fat intake [40:30]
  • The ideal Omega 6 to omega 3 ratio the optimal range [42:30]
  • Oil’s: coconut, olive, avocado, are they actually necessary in your diet? Most calorie dense energy source on the plant, and do you really need it? [43:44]
  • Intermittent Fasting: the only science backed way to increase your years [47:00]
  • How to “Lose calories” . Ridding yourself of excess fatty acids throughout your , liver, blood vessels, and muscle tissue not only just in your fat cells. The benefits of 24 hour fasts use weekly or bi weekly.
  • How Cyrus implements his 24 hour fast, step by step. Tips & tactics for proper execution [51:15]
  • Vegan athlete training set up, rest, pre workout meal, training style [56:00]
  • Protein over hyped? Do you need as much as your eating currently? How much do you need, for longevity [58:00]
  • The post workout Acai bowl [1:00:10]
  • The problem with too much fat and protein in your diet?
  • Two must read books for living longer.
  • India, more heart disease cases than the U.S. [1:02:10]
  • Cyrus’s #1 tip for improving longevity, getting lean and living with more energy. [1:03:30]
  • 2 Must Read Books [1:05:50]
  • Best Recipe from Cyrus’s personal diet [1:07:50]
  • Best under $100 purchase to train like a beast and eat like a champion [1:10:00]

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  1. How Fat Kills Beta Cells
  2. 10 Worst Holiday Habits
  3. 9 Spices Proven To Fight Cancer, Diabetes and Inflammation

How Not To Die By Dr. Michael Gregor

Cyrus’s Published Work

My Personal Take On Diets…It Depends on Your Goals

As the war on carbs continues and diet battles rage on all over the wild west of  the internet. I find myself thinking  until the point vomiting about this topic…seriously.

I’ve retired from arguing ANY side of the food/diet battle and now try to  live and coach using what I find works in most scenarios and by whats produced results in large populations.

Results, is where we all need to begin because the simple truth is this.

The specific result your after DICTATES the diet that is best for you. Period.

With that in mind its safe to say that ALL DIETS WORK if the goal.

  • Vegan diet Yup
  • Paleo diet Yup
  • High Carb diet Yup
  • Low Carb Yup
  • Keto Yup
  • Eat shit  Yup
  • Atkins Diet why not
  • South beach, zone, wild etc..

The point of this post is simple the goal of the diet your using dictates whether or not its successful in your eyes. A high protein diet helps build muscle, but it may not be good if you just want to live longer. A vegan diet probably wouldn’t perform very well for someone training for maximum hypertrophy. Your goal dictates your diet strategy and in life your goals change, so I’m a firm believer of adapting your strategy to meet your goals.

My personal approach gets constantly tweaked by the goal and through finding new methods that might help me reach my goal. So I might dabble with a vegan diet, low fat when my goals change or I might go keto for a bit… who knows?! Its dictated by the goal. Period

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