49 Setting Up Your Cutting Diet, Kitchen Makeover Tips, Avoiding Rapid Fat Gain Foods

Super happy to be releasing this episode for the simple fact that I know without a doubt in my mind that IF YOU FOLLOW THIS GUIDE YOU”LL GET RESULTS. Period.

Sounds cocky, I know. But its true. There’s no funny business here. Download the complete guide and see for yourself here

But I do cover pretty much all the goodies inside this episode such as exact macro ranges for specific body types, who should have more carbs, less carbs etc. How to redesign your kitchen so its not a fat storing stronghold. Where to shop to avoid constant cravings. Alcohol and how it wrecks progress during a diet, and tons more.

This is the guide I wish I had when I was getting started I’m fitness. I hope you gain a ton of results driven tips and have a better fat loss strategy after this episode.

Stick around for part 2 coming FRIDAY.

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Show Notes:

  • Macros? How many? What types? How get a quick and dirty estimate for your body [05:00]
  • How To figure out where you need to be nutrition wise at the macro level [6:10]
  • Somatotype? The 3 body types and which one are you. [9:40]
  • Macro nutrient recommendations for specific body types. [11:40]
  • YOUR Environment and kitchen makeover tips…how to rig the game to win. Tips, tactics and ninja tips. [15:10]]
  • What to do if you live with a bunch of other people and they eat like crap. [16:05]
  • Alcohol and why it is a FAT ACCELERATOR, when to drink and what to avoid. [17:50]
  • Shopping and eating with smaller plates, the simple ways to rig the game  [19:20]
  • Rapid Fat Gain the 3 categories. [21:00]
  • Pesticides, chemicals, GMO Food, and hormones trapped in your fat cells [22:00]
  • Recap, EXACTLY What to do today to turn the ship around. [25:15]


The Complete 5 Step Guide To Guide Getting Lean AKA The Double Your Fat Loss Plan

  • Nutrition calculator
  • Best fat burning/muscle building exercises for a beginner
  • How To set up your cutting diet
  • How to re design your kitchen for success.
  • Supplements, recovery protocols and adjustments to make to keep getting lean.



See guide for exact nutrition recommendations for each body type.

Rapid Fat Gain Foods

  1. Processed/Refined sugar foods
    1. Cookies, baked goods, granola bars, protein bars (store bought) – I love this kind of stuff so to keep it in my diet I make my own with high quality ingredients.
    2. Cakes, donuts, sugary cereals, pop tarts, fruit drinks like orange juice (yes even 100% juices)
    3. Sweet alcoholic drinks, dark beers or all beer, sweet wines
    4. Breads, pastas, quick oats.
  2. Low Quality
    1. Low quality pork, beef, chicken (conventionally raised meat)
    2. Deli Meats and cold cuts.
    3. Farm raises fish (salmon, tuna,
  3. Sweet alcoholic drinks, dark beers or all beer, sweet wines 
    1. Margaritas
    2. Pina Cola
    3. Long island
    4. Mud Slide

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