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Tracking Progress To Make REAL PROGRESS toward your goals. Getting leaner, stronger and all around more beastly..

Not the sexiest of topics here today but it results in some sexy results. So its sexy to me and if your looking to get sexy (by that I mean ripped and achieve a body or some type of health/fitness goal) this might be worth the next 30 minutes of you time to listen to…..


Today I go over tracking for getting lean, ripped and achieving a body you like in less time. Honestly this is the “secret shortcut” you’ve been waiting for if you want to get lean in less time. Why? Well, if you track you can recognize problems earlier, correct course and adapt. Getting lean is tricky if your winging it. And I honestly believe that 95% of the population cannot get really lean or the body they REALLY REALLY want (not just average results) without some form of tracking and measuring.

If your looking to just be average or “get in shape” then you can totally do that without tracking sh*t. Be my guest. If thats you then thats totally cool this doesn’t apply to your goals. But if you want to take it to the next level things get a little more technical and detailed. Just like any endeavor. Yes the concrete principles still apply but the devil is in the details when were talking about getting amazing results.

Today we jump into some of the ways you can tackle this hairy business of tracking your gym and physique goals. There’s no one PERFECT way so I layout a handful and let you decide. Some of these I use all the time some on and off. Some I don’t have access to good equipment for it to be reliable, some are a pain in the ass and inaccurate at best. I believe the best way to measure is the one you can accurately measure with the most consistency.

End goal of this podcast is this: 

Just going to the gym, and eating “clean” isn’t enough to get a great beyond average goals for the guy/gal looking to above average results.

Some form of tracking and further progression is necessary to get to your goals whether its a physique or performance goals (like crossfit). 


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Show Notes:


  • The most ESSENTIAL things you need to be keeping an eye on in the gym, what you need to keep a log on so that your moving forwards not backwards[05:30]
  • How to use the scale properly. To get accurate measurements and weekly averages, not daily heart attacks key tips to get accurate results. [08:15]
  • Circumference measurements, how to track fat loss progress and what sites to measure. Specific sites and tips, how often? [11:15]
  • Progress pics aka selfies… are they a legit way to measure progress? How to do it right, Key things to keep in mind. [15:00]
  • Body fat measurements, who should use these to measure progress. [19:00]
  • How to find your max without getting injured. The deadlift, bench, squat and OH Press [23:00]

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Worth Checking Out….

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Andy Morgan – Easier way to estimate body fat %

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