52 The truth about cardio…is it necessary to get lean? Step 4.

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Cardio….oh boy. I can just hear the questions flying in….

Which is best?
How much should I do?
HIIT or steady state?

Will I lose muscle? How much is too much?

How long should I run?

Should I do jump rope or sprints?

Is 3 days enough or should I do more??? Less?

(oh this ones my favorite!) ” This ripped dude on instagram says the best way to do cardio is barefoot in your underwear at 6am 3 days a week……is that true??”

This is such a confusing topic and its part of the reason I created this podcast. To simplify things and provide facts on topics like this. If your confused I totally understand and honestly its not your fault…

The fitness industry (myself included) has polarizing thoughts on topics like this..which makes it very overwhelming for beginners and even intermediate and advanced trainees to pick which is best for them.

The real answer I will steal from famous weight lifting coach and college professor Dan John…..IT DEPENDS.

So buckle up!!! Today I cover the benefits of the two broad categories of cardio (HIIT & LISS)

The big key of choosing the bet cardio to compliment your training is knowing what consider when choosing them. The answer is it depends on the individual, their genetics, current fitness level, past injuries, current training, etc..and hell, do they even like and will it give the person the best chance to succeed in their goals.

You’ll also hear my favorite type of BOTH since in various parts of my life  (I’ve been a super LISS advocate and other times a super HIIT advocate.) I know not the answer is….it depends.

So remember…it depends.

But this podcast will teach you…

1.  The pros and cons of who so you know what is best for you.

2. My favorite LISS cardio workouts that work.

3. My most tried and true HIIT cardio methods

4. What factor to take into account when choosing one mode of cardio.

5. The important things to worry about before cardio gets in the picture.

6. My GOLDEN rules for Cardio.

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Show Notes:

  • The Problem with TOO much cardio..if you didn’t already know
  • Benefits of HIIT? HIIT Defined
  • Con’s of HIIT
  • LISS Benefits, is it better than HIIT?
  • Is LISS a con job?
  • Best HIIT and LISS cardio workouts I do.
  • GOLDEN RULES for cardio.

Bonus Extras

Cardio Fat Loss Tips:

  • Keep insulin low before cardio to elicit fat loss.
  • Hydration status pays a big role in your ability to burn fat so drink up prior to cardio.
  • Best supplements for fat loss? – Join Six pack Sunday for my best recommendations and grab the free guide! (click HERE) 
  • Don’t think this replaces strength training.

Jump ropes can be packed in your luggage and make for an easy way to just sweat after a day of long travel or a lot of sitting.

Here’s what I recommend.

30 seconds Jump rope

10 seconds transition

30 seconds push ups

10 seconds transition

30 seconds Jump rope

10 seconds transition

30 seconds squat jumps

10 seconds transition

30 seconds Jump rope

10 seconds transition

30 seconds dive bomber push ups

Repeats for 3 to 4 rounds.

The Park Workout For Traveling (and how to exceed expectations every time)

(see and join the  facebook group for this one!) ” Search Ask the Ab Guy Podcast Tribe”

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