55 Alex M Reloaded, Coffee confessions, Manning up to mistakes, tunnel vision for getting leaner

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This is part one of a kickass two part series with Alex Mullan. This episode goes in on a lot of important topics not just in the fitness realm but in LIFE. One I think of importance to highlight is owning up to your mistakes and recognizing chap excuses when we make them.

Beside some of the deeper stuff we get discuss coffee, the amino acid Leucine, and what really pushes the needle when trying to carve out a lean ripped physique.

Enjoy and stick around for part TWO where we discuss, highly effective fat loss conditioning strategies, GDA’s, why muscle is important when you age, Keto diets who’s is for? When to use?


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Show Notes:

  • Getting gritty about workouts, the secret to making progress [0:00]
  • Tunnel vision for zoning in on get leaner, making progress and your environment[04:30]
  • CHEAP EXCUSES, not hiding beside b.s. excuses, owning up, manning up and moving on
  • Relationship mistakes, how to reflect on the mistakes in a past(or present) relationship and learning from them.
  • Leucine, is it worth your money? Does is help build more more muscle? How much is enough?
  • Where Alex gets Alex get 85% of his supplements and why..
  • Probably the next big name company in supplements….
  • Current Coffee obsessions.


Links Mentioned:

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  • http://www.mountaindogdiet.com/more/basic-topic/3-dynamic-reasons-to-have-coaches/
  • http://maximumperformancetraining.net/
  • https://granitesupplements.com/
  • https://examine.com/supplements/leucine/
  • http://maximumperformancetraining.net/

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