56 A Complete Framework For Body Transformation,The MOST expensive steak, diet damage control tips

This is part two of a kickass two part series with Alex Mullan. We bounce from coffee addictions, to the most expensive steaks you should try before you die, to what Alex would do to COMPLETELY transform someone from head to toe. He actually lays out the framework of what a program like that would look like.

This is treasure trove of tips, tactics and bantering about random stuff. Hope you like, learn something and apply it your life to get lean, build some muscle and torch off some fat .


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Show Notes:

  • Expensive habits, Espresso and the portable coffee machine that makes the BEST cup of coffee..
  • The new pre workout supplement that might actually be worth the money..
  •  What to do when you mess up your diet and over do a cheat day
  •  GDA’s glucose disposal agents, putting sugar into muscle not fat.
  • Keto diets who’s is for? When to use?
  • Upcoming in fitness…the come back of muscle building….the fountain of youth?
  • Why muscle becomes more and more important as you age.
  • Ladies…Want a better butt. Focus on THIS
  • Number one piece, food and supplement of equipment to bring with you on an island,
  • The MOST expensive steak.
  • Where to get cutting edge research for fitness.
  • Body re-comp EXACTLY how

Links Mentioned:

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    2. http://www.mountaindogdiet.com/more/basic-topic/3-dynamic-reasons-to-have-coaches/
    3. http://maximumperformancetraining.net/
    4. https://granitesupplements.com/
    5. https://examine.com/supplements/leucine/
    6. http://maximumperformancetraining.net/
    7. http://massthetics.net/
    8. Aeropress (below!)

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