57 Versace Model Turned Health Nut, Dry Fasting, Detoxing, Black Mold, 8 Pillars of Health

The raw and uncut tips, strategies and no holding back answers to upping your body and health inside and out from a former Versace Model, actor and certified health nut. Meet Troy The Certified Health Nut this is a very touchy episode where we jump around, talk about some topics thats are often not talked about…..like sexual kung fu. Stick with it though and I’m sure your find something that resonates and helps you look at something you can take away.

We go down lots of rabbit holes, get into the black mold incident and what he did to revitalize his body to get back to optimal health.

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Show Notes:

  • Modeling in Italy for Versace and Captain Crunch Days to Amazon and ayahuasca retreats  [00:00]
  • Where to start with the nutrition, NFL Athletes and eating garbage
  • The number one food for better gut health
  • Where to go for the PEAK of fitness.
  • What every HUMAN needs to know about basic needs for an optimal ALPHA body, sleep, movement, breathing, etc  [13:15]
  • .8 Pillars of Health & The 6 Foundational Principles  [14:15]
  • .The Ape hands exercise [20:00]
  • .What is grounding? Benefits [23:00]
  • .How to use a ground pad?   [23:00]
  • .Getting naked, and getting REAL with yourself. [29:00]
  • .Black mold, aches, pains and how to get rid of them. [43:00]
  • .Fasting, Apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper [45:00]
  • .Dry Fasting and Water Fasting, Juice Cleans [45:30]
  • .Diatomaceous Earth [47:30]
  • .Where to start for detoxing and fasting.  [51:30]
  • .Why Troy doesn’t do coffee and how it might accelerate aging [54:30]
  • .Troy’s current morning routine [57:30]

.Troy’s favorite food/supplement/advice

Cool Things Mentioned:

  1. Purium
  2. Ground Pad
  3. Dry Fasting
  4. Diatomaceous Earth
  5. White American Ginseng
  6. 8 Pillars of Health
    • Thoughts/Emotions
    • Breathing Habits
    • Hydration
    • Movement
    • Food
    • Sleep
    • Exercise

Plus Troys Additions:

  • Passion/Relationships

Sexual Kung Fu

Links/People Mentioned:


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