58 MCT Oil, Creatine, Drop Sets and pyramids when and where, cryotherapy for fat loss, hormones and stored fat patterns?

A dive deep into some really fun questions.

Before we move on I have covered some of these topics in more detail on other episode so be sure to check out the following episodes for more info….

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Show Notes:

1. What probiotics do you recommend?

2. Is MCT Oil worth it?

3. What are your thoughts on pre-workout stimulants?

4. Since supplements are expensive, what 3 are a must have?
5. Should I be taking creatine everyday? If so how much?

6. I’ve heard mixed reviews of creatine retains water weight or not…what is it?

7. Is there a way to target fat loss (e.g., stomach)?

8. Do you recommend any sleep aids?

9. I feel less sore from my workouts as I once did, should I be increasing weight or reps?

10. Thoughts on workout gloves? I personally wear them but I see a lot of the people at the gym don’t.

11. Thoughts on cryogenic therapy?

12. How many exercises of each should I be doing doing when working out a body part (e.g., 3 bicep workouts, 2 triceps workouts, 2 chest, etc.) per gym session.

13. What are you thoughts on pyramids and drop sets?

14. What are your thoughts on going to failure?

15. Any tips to get rid of lower belly fat? Yes….get sub 10% body fat.

16. Behind the back shoulder press…yay or nay? Yay

17. Low reps vs high reps? Both

18. Apple Cider Vinegar craze all about?

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PM-03 Probiotics I recommend

Masszymes Digestive Enzymes

Sleep Hacks: 


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