60 My 6 years in hell, metabolic adaptation, hormone issues and going from too skinny to puffy and fat

No shownotes needed for this one as there aren’t many links or resources behind a personal story. I’m putting this out there to share with you guys a little about my personal story of how I became obsessed with finding the answers to my own problems with my body.

This was a very frustrating 6 years of my life that spanned from the end of high school (2010) till about 2016. Though I learned a lot from the end of 2013 (when I went into sort of a hibernation or sorts) to 2015 theres still mountains of knowledge, lessons and critical teachings for me to experience.

This inspires and also scares me because I’ll for sure die LONG before I even get to fraction of what I would like to learn. Even if I live to be 127 years old. Learning, improving and refining,  Is an addiction. 

Anyways this podcast sums up my skinny to fat to skinny to fat again failures and ups and downs along this road. I also touch on some of the problems that caused (at least from what I studied and learned over this period of time).


            Every month or so re-listen to an old podcast and have heart palpitations…… Since I’m constantly learning and  refining my knowledge and looking at things from different angles especially unfounded ideas, beliefs, and ways of doing things shit get outdated FAST. Old methods ideas and beliefs even how to perform a damn bicep curl have been challenged and updated.

The best thing you can do today is challenge an irrational belief or thought and then think about what would happen if you did the opposite….

Think about it..




Luis Diaz

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