64 The Habits and Rituals of 3 Shredded & Strong Legends

Shredded Strong and Complete Animals..What were their secrets? 

In this episode I discuss the characteristics of some of the most freakishly strong, ripped, and jacked legends of all time. Success leaves clues baby!!  And I am endlessly fascinated with learning their daily routines, training schedules and the principles they followed in their life.

Today I extract some of the major habits that three legends whom I believe to have some of the best bodies of all time, Franco Columbo, Frank Zane and Mike Mentzer. If you study the training styles and eating habits of each you will see stark differences which leads me to a huge point I feel is often lost in this extremely noisy industry…..There ’s more than one absolute way to build your body. Depending on your genetics, lifestyle, likes/dislikes, time, work ethic etc.

The principles of their training remained pretty muscle the same though whether they were using lighter weight or their 3 rep max. Train hard, focus (no dicking around in the gym)  and keep showing up,

But don’t worry I won’t be so harsh in this podcast. Today you’ll learn:

  • The specific types of protein Franco Colombo focused on the build freakish strength and size.
  • The pre training ritual of the High Intensity Legend himself Mike Mentzer
  • Six pack secrets of Mr. Symmetry Frank Zane
  • Pre workout foods to eat when your lean and looking to train hard.
  • How Mike Mentzer forge what he called the “siege mentality.”   



You can read the original article here which I wrote a few year back.

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Show Notes:

  • Franco Columbo’s specific protein sources and the legend he earned it from  [4;00]
  • Fish and eggs and 2 other key sources of high quality protein [5;15]
  • The mind set needed to training like a beast and getting results. Mike Mentzer style. [8:20]
  • Specific mindset and character traits for training with a war like mentality and books Mike read before training. [10:34]
  • Frank Zane’s exact exercises for building amazing abs. [13:30]

Links/ Resources Mentioned:

Franco Columbo’s Nutrition Principles:

  • Carbs around workouts
  • Eggs in the morning
  • High quality lean proteins (wild caught fish, eggs, lean cuts of beef)
  • Grape before training (I don’t recommend this since 99% of people are not as insulin sensitive as Franco and do not training with 50% of the intensity and don’t train as long as he did. Save them for after.
  • No processed foods, he desserts were usually fruits and whole fat creams etc. Other foods such as pizza were saved for family events or holidays.
  • My 2 cents: some of grass fed whey and grass fed casein are two awesome additions if you do don’t have any issues with dairy.

Mike Mentzer’s Pre Training Ritual

On Reading Before Training 

  • Such as The Will to Power– Friedrich Nietzsche and
  • Will by G Gordon Liddy prior to training.
  • Priming The Mind
  • Deliberately cultivating an aggressive attitude before training. (Through visualizations of the workout session and preparing like your going into WAR)
  • One of my  favorite videos to watch before training when I DON’T feel like training…Can’t Outwork Me….


  1. Heavy Metal
  2. Binaural Beats music if that works for you?
  3. Check out the book High Intensity Training By Mike Mentzer for more.

My Personal Pre Workout Focus Blend: (Updated)

Caffeine (black coffee)

Acetyl L Carnitne 1500-2000

2 -4 tsp Coconut Oil Or Fish Oil 1000 mi


I add L Tyrosine 1 tbsp


2 Kik caps from ATP Labs with Designs for 3 to 4 Health Brain Sours (without the above)

You can see why I’m a fan of kid here


Frank Zanes Insane abs secrets:

My Current Reading List:

You listen to podcasts, why not books? Get A Free Audible book plus a 30 Day Trial of audible When You Go Here

  • Unbeatable Mind
  • Tao Of Seneca
  • The Magic of Thinking Big
  • Ego is The Enemy (revisiting this daily)
  • Meditations of Marcus Aurelius


Luis Diaz

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