68 – Burn Fat, Build Muscle and Get Ripped at Home. Exact routines in the show notes!


Get the easy print pdf workout sheet here!!



Get the easy print pdf workout sheet here!!

The Workouts:

  • Density Circuit Session

One of my go to methods when I can’t make it to the gym or just don’t feeling like getting ready to go train. Density circuit sessions are a bit different, the goal here is to do as many quality reps in one minute of each exercise. You perform 2 exercises back to back then rest. During your rest you record the number of reps you completed.

You can use barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight or kettlebells, use light to moderate weight.

The next time you get to that exercise your job is to match or beat that number. You can do density sessions for 2 to 3 rounds but no more. Typically I do these for 10 to 15 minutes. Here is a sample workout.

**Sample density circuit training session 

  1. KB Double Thrusters –  1 min
  2. KB Swing – 1 min 
  3. Rest 30 seconds or 1 min
  4. KB Snatch . 1 min
  5. Alternating  TGU 1 min

Bodyweight Timed Sets 

5 minutes of push ups, dips, pull ups, box jumps (1-3 minutes recovery between each)

My 6 favorite exercises for this method.

  • For fat loss – Burpees with a push up, rapid fire jump squats, pull ups to push up’s


  • For building muscle – Slow inward intent push ups with the hands stacked right under the shoulders, pull ups with an outward intent(hands pulling away from each other), 1 and ⅓ squats either single leg or regular slow air squats, slow negative parallel bar dips (this means its takes about 4 to 6 seconds to descend then 1 to 2 second to push back up no locking out)


  • * Notice the key for the fat loss movements is utilizing large muscle groups and using moves that will force you to recruit type II muscle fibers by incorporating some sort of explosive movement. This create a greater oxygen demand and greater demand for energy (glycogen and stored fat).


  • **Notice the key for the muscle building exercises is increasing the time under tension and voluntarily contracting the working muscle. So I’m actually trying to flex that muscle like I’m looking in the mirror.


Barbell / Dumbbell Complexes  

Perform all the exercises without the weight touching the floor or set down. This is basically the best bang for your buck (in my opinion) training style if you want to get strong, burn fat and enjoy lifting weights;

  1. 4 Week Program Here:  Just let me know which email you want me to send it to!!!!

Heavy Resistance Sprints (HRS)

Key thing here is that you’re running/biking/moving at a fast pace with resistance. This actually can aid recovery from a hard leg day. Since blood flow is key to recover something like light to moderate spin or airdryne bike intervals or prowlers pushing are great here.


  1. Moderate to Heavy resistance airdyne sprints (400 watts) for 8 to 10 rounds
  2. Prowler push for 20 yards as fast as possible then rest.
  3. Sled drag up a hill for 20 yards then walk back down and repeat.
  4. Weighted carries are ok here but not my go to exercise.


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Get the easy print pdf workout sheet here!!


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