7 Sure fire ways to spike testosterone levels

I love the is topic and I personally think there’s too much beating around the bush around with a lot of people who want to significantly increase testosterone, have better sex, burn fat, have more confidence and be damn man.


I’m not saying I haven’t been a culprit of the excuse “I need to do more research” therefore avoiding the one true thing that we need to do. Take action.

I think it would be a highly effective idea if we all had someone to follow us around all day and slap the shit out of us we opt to make excuses instead of taking action. Imagine getting a hard slap in the face to wake you up and call you on your own BS….

Very very effective for getting shit done indeed and not making excuses and failing at your dreams and goals.

Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention

-Herbert A. Simon

This is the problem most males have with increasing testosterone. It’s easier to read the next article on “10 foods to boost testosterone” than to go to your fridge and remove all the shit thats wrecking your testosterone…..


Now on to testoserone……

  1. DON’T over consume protein. Aim for slightly less than 1gm per pound of body weight. High quality carbs and fats are your friends and are essential for producing higher testosterone levels.
  2. Sprint. One to two times a week go to a hill or park and take your ball out of your purse. 40 to 60 meters. Don’t over complicate this. Go all out. Walk back to the start. Repeat.
  3.  Avoid chemicals. This means dropping crap foods,BPA laced products, smoking, soy and the like. (my free guide lays this out in aggressive detail)
  4. Get lean. If your higher than 15% body fat your goal should be to get to 10% to 13%. How? Find maintenance calories go about 100 to 200 lower to start.) Once again my free guide walks you through this and provides the tools to do it.
  5. Reduce stress. Seriously take a look at teh stuff thats stressing you out and evaluate if its really worth all the stress. If so deal with it aggressively or hire a professional to help you deal with. A coach, mentor, doctor etc. If not then meditate and say FUCK IT.
  6.  Eat your damn veggies and get in your micros.. Seriously get them in whether its a green supplement or whole foods get them in. For higher T need to be prioritizing this…Best resource I know for them here.
  7. Lift with intensity. Should go without saying. But lifting weights, is important for too many reason that I can count. I lay out the best of the best to begin with on my guide. But if your new to lifting then hire a coach and nail down your form on all basic lifts. Then progressively add weight.
  8. Sleep dammit. If your like the me and about 6,700,000,000,000 people then you have the unfortunate problem of not being able to shut off your mind at night. Here’s some tips.
    1. Create a night time ritual.
    2. limit caffeine intake after 4pm
    3. read a book
    4. drink Valerian Tea
    5. Avoid exercise a night.
    6. Journal
    7. Wear blue blockers


If you haven’t picked up my free guide to getting a six pack and burning belly fat. Do it. You won’t be sorry. But you will be leaner.

I’m gunna go do some sprints.

Luis Diaz

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