72 The 3 Keys to a V Taper and amazing abs (FREE WORKOUT) plus how to master your ab training.


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Here’s Day 1 for the Amazing Abs Specialization Program.

Video’s included here: 

The episode…

The first half of this one we covered the 3 keys to a v taper body

  • Amazing shoulders
  • Wide 3d back
  • Slim rigid, muscular waist
    • Key exercise Vacuums: targets the transverse abdominis and internal obliques these are deep abdominal muscles kind like your body’s natural corset.

    Level 1 – Lying down on the floor supine so head facing the ceiling

    Level 2 – – On hands and knees

The V Taper and How to get that superman look

Lean and ripped waist and abdominals-

  • burning fat around the mid section, getting rid of excess body fat…who doesn’t want that?
  • Hitting the abs with a variety of angels, volumes and intensities

Wide Back –

The keys to a wide back different from what most people think you can hit your back from all different angles and it is important to do that but the activation of the target muscle in this case the Latissmis dorsi is what you want.

By activation I mean essentially feeling that muscle working and getting good blood flow to that area a lot of guys can’t feel their back working when that do rows or lat pull downs or deadlifts this is why they don’t go no matter how many rows and pull ups they do.

Once you get activation down and actually feel the lats you can worry about hitting them from different angles

So things to remember are that Vertical Pulling like lat pull downs and pull ups will really bring out the width of your back

While rowing will build the thickness and add muscle to the middle areas of the middle and lower back region

Exercises I have had success with are:

  • Deadlifts
  • Pull ups- making sure I use different grips, intensities and add weight when I can.
  • DB Rows here going for 8 to 25 reps and focusing on contracting through the entire motion was game changer I think I learned from ben pakulski
  • Seated Cable Rows Once again focusing on contracting throughout the entire range of motion. I’mm trying to flex my lats the entire time here, trying to make sure every part of the movement counts.


Typically for me shoulder have been the hardest to get. This muscle group responds better to high volume so more reps typically 12 to 30. Again if you can’t feel the target muscle working, stop and working on trying to actually feel it first.

One thing to remember is that there are 3 heads to the shoulder complex plus an often forgotten element to long term shoulder health and pain free training is the rotator cuffs. (Best peps I’ve found to learn more from are Dean Somerset and Tony Gentilcore) 

So in order to have impressive shoulders for that V taper and have pain free training you need to  training needs to incorporate

  1. Rotator cuff exercises (use bands, Sticks, bodyweight, cables etc just make sure its always in your programs!)
  2. High Volume (can you handle?!)
  3. Exercises that target each head (overhead exercises are great but hit each head individually too)
  4. Shoulder Mobility Exercises Like shoulder work with a pvc pipe or a band.


The 3 Areas I chose to specifically target in the program and how to hit we go about targeting them.

Abdominal Strength and Overload

Body Weight Training (hypertrophy focus) 

Obliques, serratus and stabilization 

More importantly we cover  Execution Tips

  • Stretching and creating extreme tension
  • Being meticulous with your tempo. Paying attention to the speed at which your doing each rep, taking your time and locking into position.

What Not to do

  • Incorporate other body parts such as your neck,

For example:

  • Using your hips and hip flexors
  • Doing neck crunches
  • Moving and not putting it all into every rep. If done right you don’t need 1324243 reps.



Luis Diaz

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