73 Two Smart Solutions For Successful Fat Loss



 The cornerstone two strategies in the 8% body fat blueprint.

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P.S, You can find all the resources I used for the program here. If it wasn’t for these awesome people it wouldn’t have been that possible.

After running into the wall over and over again and wrecking my testosterone levels, peeling away pounds of muscle and making my life a miserable hell. I decided I need to actually take a different approach….


I tried to get lean without much success for many years and a few times I got close actually seeing my abs but it was in those moments I stubbled.


Until I started educating myself and started playing with manipulating and timing my insulin releases better. This seemed like a WAY better option than any life sucking treadmill sessions or morning fasted cardio….

So with my limited understanding of how insulin and exercise I got to work and decided to test my hypothesis..

The CSW (Carb Shifting Window Protocol)

The CSW is a simple method I used to successfully eat foods you wouldn’t find in your typical diet (like pancakes, cookies, burgers etc)  to help you build more lean muscle and NOT get stored as fat.

Following this simple nutrition trick along with the PETS training finishers I introduce in the program, this allows key fat burning hormones like glucagon, cortisol, growth hormone and adrenaline to burn fat during the day and DURING WORKOUTS without being shut down by a high  insulin release you would get after your pre workout banana and protein bar or morning oats and orange juice. 

What I was happiest about most was that I could still have pancakes on Tuesdays!

So whats behind the CSW science. Well we know there’s a limited space for your muscles and liver to store fat and without proper signaling your body is more than happy to start the process of lipogenesis “the process of fatty acid and triglyceride synthesis from glucose or other substrates. “

No bueno, so to mitigate this as much as possible we have to give your body a damn good reason to need the carbs and “shift” the storage site to muscle and liver glycogen via a little protein called GLUT4 (Glucose transporter type 4) found in both muscle and fat cells it has a unique ability to enhance muscle glycogen storage  and improved insulin action. So….this means activating their protein via exercise is beneficial for determining where your body is storing carbs post training.

Very important.

Does this CSW thing actually work in real life?

Armed with a better understanding of insulin works I got back in the gym…

After several months of toying around with my nutrition and testing different training methods (German Volume Training, 5/3/1, 5 x 5 etc) I found some traction and things started to get interesting….

After I started using this protocol I was approached by friends wondering what I was doing to get lean but pack on muscle to my body…


Approx 5 months toying around with different training methods and carb timing  till I really got into reverse pyramid training , density sessions and extended tension sets (Which is the main framework for The 8% Body Fat Blueprint) In addition, I typically had a HUGE smoothie after training or a protein cookie, some pancakes or just a really damn good burger .

The key is understanding that your training can make your hyper- insulin sensitive which gives you an advantage!! Now there are a few rules to maximize this process which I cover in the nutrition manual of the 8% body fat blueprint but this is a KEY concept that makes eating your favorite meals a reality if done right …

Why Does The Carb Shifting Window Work So Well?

  • Fuels muscle growth with delicious, former “forbidden” foods while getting effortlessly lean…
  • Helps maintain your precious testosterone levels…(no carbs means lower T too much processed carbs same thing!)
  • Maximizes anabolism before, during and after your workouts…(better growth hormone response, HSL, norephedrine etc when training since insulin’s is not in the way, )
  • Keeps your muscle bellies full, since your body’s enhanced ability to resynthesize glycogen thanks to the CSW.

The CSW protocol allows your body to become HYPER-ANABOLIC…when needed.

Giving you the chance to build muscle while you burn fat.

Something that’s almost impossible unless you take steroids or are a genetic freak.

But it’s not the only thing you can do to get ultra lean or see your abs for the first time in your life…

You see, there’s a natural metabolic phenomena that keeps most guys from getting ripped (like it did with me for 6 frustrating years)…

And even prevent you from seeing just a “two pack” no matter how low you cut your calories.

Problem #2: Metabolic Adaptation  

Your body is a smart and getting lean is not on its agenda. Why? Because it goes against millions of years of evolution…

Basically, your body does NOT want you to be lean for survival reasons…So it learns and adapts.

This is why cutting calories doesn’t work long term.

This Is Your Worst Enemy

When Trying To Lean Out

This happened to me over and over. Each time I got to a certain level of body fat, my metabolic rate would adapt and change.

Which left me hungry, tired and depressed from a lack of results.

If you’ve ever been stuck at a fat loss plateau, this is why….

Metabolic adaptation is the #1 ROADBLOCK in your way to achieve the perfect body…

And cutting your calories lower each time will only cause problems like:

  • Sacrificing lean muscle = looking skinny fat
  • Suppressed anabolic hormones = goodbye sex drive
  • Suppressed leptin = uncontrollable hunger
  • Chronically high cortisol = hello spare tire
  • Thyroid issues = slowed metabolism

Solution: Metabolic-Nutrient Cycling

Revive your metabolism using nutrient cycling to optimize fat loss and muscle mass.

Metabolic Nutrient Cycling provides specific nutrients when you’re anabolic and primed for maximum muscle growth and keeep insulin low to tap into belly fat when there’s no muscle building signal around.

Why this results in more fat loss and muscle mass without traditional cardio?

With Metabolic-Nutrient Cycling, you….

  • Defeat Metabolic Adaptation: Smart nutrient cycling forces your metabolism to remain high so you kill pounds of stubborn fat at the same rate for months without hitting a roadblock.
  • Gain An Anabolic Advantage: By following this simple protocol, you take advantage of the HYPER-ANABOLIC times during the day. Allowing you to build muscle and burn fat like clockwork.
  • Surge Your Fat-Melting Hormones: Mobilize stored belly fat as fuel during your workouts and day instead of running on sugar and burning through hard earned muscle.


The two simple truths I realized were this.

-1 Earning and timing carbs right is a successful strategy, Yes total calories do matter, but its your a guy who trains hard and wants to see faster results I have found timing your insulin releases is optimal for fat loss.

-2 No training means, no real need for carbs. Sorry, my job is to tell you the truth and thats it. You can do well with fats, proteins and a wide variety of vegetables. Don’t fool yourself thinking that you need 2 bananas and sugar loaded protein bar for a snack. There are better options.



Luis Diaz

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