74 Ryan Clarkin Optimizing Your Body and Mind To Build Your Hall of Fame Body


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In this episode on the How To Get Lean Ripped and Healthy, we have Ryan Clarkin,

About Ryan,

Ryan Clarkin is a coach and mindset expert for entrepreneurs and leaders who are committed to creating and living an extraordinary life of their design. Ryan started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 coaching physique competitors like himself. At the age of 20 Ryan supported one of his athletes in achieving professional status making him the youngest coach in history to turn a physique competitor pro. Ryan expanded his business to showing coaches and hungry entrepreneurs alike how to grow their businesses through sales and mindset mastery and has countless success stories. Ryan is committed to showing you how to get your mind on your side so you can live a life of your design. With the power of your mind, you can create anything you want in life, so let’s tap into that power and create an empowered, fulfilling life together.


 What we resist persists – Ryan Clarkin






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Show Notes:

[3:00] Youngest coach in history to help an athlete turn pro.

[5:20] The importance of having a clear vision.

[7:50] Changing the environment inside your head and getting connected to your hall of fame body.

[11:00] The three step process to pull yourself out of the worst days. Beating depression and shitty days.

[15:20] Shifting from training for physique to training for mind and mental performance.

[17:30] The 90% rule

[17:50] An good breakfast for preparing your mind.

[19:31] What to do to avoid the mid-afternoon fogg.

[21:30] Avoiding the “Fuck It” mind set. How to achieve balance

[27:00] Burning the boats.

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