76 How To Build A Physique Like Zac Efron, Biggest Mistakes When Trying To Stay Lean 365, How to do a mini cut for fat loss and more


In this episode on the How To Get Lean Ripped and Healthy, we have rocket scientist turned fitness pro Jason Maxwell.

Today on L.R.H. we have Jason Maxwell, Jason and I discuss how Hollywood stars like Zac Efron train to make shocking results, some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to stay lean long term and how to use mini cuts between your lean bulking phases.

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  1. Take one step towards building some quality muscle, stripping off some fat and changing their lives for the better.
  2. Learn something worth remembering.
  3. Laugh at my horrible jokes, or at the copious amount of “umm’s” I blurt out throughout the show…haha (yes I am aware)

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Show Notes:

[4:24] – Biggest mistakes when trying to stay lean all year round

[8:28] – How to strategically use mini cuts when bulking. When and how.

[9:50] – Where to start when you want to build muscle. The smarter approach.

[11:11] – How long to do a mini cut?

[12:50] – Changes made during the switch from lean bulk to mini cut.

[14:30] – Intermittent fasting when cutting.

[17:15] – Going from a mini cut to a lean bulk how many calories to add back in.

[19:25] – Training, eating and lifestyle plan if you’re overweight, overworked, busy and overstressed.

[23:45] – What you should probably avoid if you’re looking to get in shape. A word of caution.

25: 20 – A simple workout frame work if you’re new to the gym.

[27:22] – Night time routines, stress, melatonin, and magnesium.

33: 45 – Getting jacked for a movie role. How and what to train. The Hollywood 5 muscles.

[35:20] – Bigger traps, better overall look for guys?

[38:05] – Prioritizing weak body parts, where to put them in your workout.

[39:15] – The real reason why women should train differently.

43: 50 – Experimenting with high frequency for building muscle and strength

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