79 HIT – High Intensity Training Explained More Muscle, Less Time In The Gym? WW #3


Build The Body You Want By Reducing Your Time Ih The Gym…?

Is less REALLY more beneficial for building muscle and sculpting a great physique?

 I think the quality of your training and ability to recover are the real issues when it comes to doing more work in the gym.

This is where I feel HIT shines and allows the regular, busy guy to achieve a great physique.

Of course there are plenty of people who apply the more is better approach but and yes some are very successful.

But if more time in the gym sounds horrible or you just don’t have the time then HIT could be a better approach for you. 

If you aren’t afraid to go all out and get after it for 40 minutes 2 to 3 times a week. I think you will like this episode.


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What is HIT?

High-intensity training, in its simplest form is about achieving the maximum amount of results in minimum  time. Arthur Jones, the inventor of Nautilus exercise equipment, illustrated this and pioneered the concept Jones, who lived life in the fast lane, he was a bad ass and  had little time to spend in the gym so this method was his brain child and has been utilized by some of the best looking physiques this world has ever seen.


Now there’s many different variations of HIT and personally I don’t find all of them to be effective for me. So I’m going to be referring to two specifc variations.

First is Dorian Yates’s influences on the training style of using three sets instead of one. Basically a light and medium set to get blood flow. Next Ellington Darden’s variation.

Like I said I’m no expert but the point if this is to compile the research and styles to bring you something to test with your body.

So here we go…

The Key Characteristics

  • Freq: 2 -3 days a week
  • Full body /split – most people from what it seems like would be doing full body. But Dorian did split. ( I would do split if you’re more advanced)
  • rest/reps/ sets/ 1 set to mmf but I would incorporate a 2 sets prior
  • Duration of training 40 to 60 mins

The Principles

  • Going to “momentary muscular failure” is the goal or your all out set, but you have to learn how to reach failure properly. In this context were going till we can’t complete another full rep. Don’t confuse this with absolute failure.
  • Recovery:  48 to 96 hours, but that does not mean just sit around on off days. Stretch, do mobility work, yoga, walk, etc Stay active.
  • Reducing Volume as you got more advanced very opposite once you stop seeing progress reduce the volume. Yup, continue to progress in weight as long as you can still perform the reps with slow and controlled form to further adaptations. (Note: If fat loss is your goal, then I don’t think this is the best routine for you you need more frequency and more cardio, just wanted to put that out there)
  • Large muscle groups before smaller muscle groups:  A typical routine would go legs, back, chest, shoulders arms abs calves
  • Repetition Speed: Move slowly enough to maintain strict control over your body position and path of movement and to reverse direction smoothly between lifting and lowering. Avoid fast, jerky movements.


The famous people who used HIT

  • Casey viator
  • Mike Mentzer
  • Dorian Yates

Sample HIT Workout


  • Rest 120 seconds between sets 1,2, and 3 (first 2 sets are easy to moderate last set to MMF)
  • Perform 2 to 3 days per week.
  • Reps? Sets 1 & 2 = 6 to 16, last set go until MMF
  • Rep tempo, SLOW not jerking, or momentum.
  • Weight used should the heaviest you can do with perfect form and at a slow controlled tempo for at least 6 reps if after things start to loose form don’t worry but if you can’t get 6 reps clean, reduce weight.

#1 Dumbbell Squats with dumbbells by your sides

#2 Lying Leg Curls

#3 Seated Cable Rows with V Grip

#4 Assisted Pull Ups

#5 Low Incline DB Bench

#6 Low Pulley Standing Cable

#7 Smith Machine Military Press

#8 Incline Curls

#9 Dips

#10 Standing Calve Raises










Resources Mentioned In The Episode:

  • Download the free WW#3 Workout Here!


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