80 – 90 Second Workout Finisher. P.E.T.S. WW#4 [Free workout In The Show Notes]




So you’re 40 minutes into your workout and you only have one exercise left, usually its a smaller body part maybe calves or biceps.

Mentally, your fried from the intense work at the beginning of the workout so you’re ready to call it a day and slam back a protein shake.

But you would be leaving TONS of gains and fat loss on the table if you just did your 3 sets 12 and called it a day.

Here’s a technique you can use at the end of your workout to squeeze out more from every gym session.

Its called post exhaustion training, in the 8% BF Blueprint we use PETS (Post Exhaustion Tension Sets) this is where that came from :).

What is PET?

Simple, a 90 second set where you’re focusing on maximal muscular contraction for the entire 90 seconds using light weight. We’re trying to get a lot of blood to the muscle get a massive pump, swell the cells and essentially feel the burn. In sciency terms this would be called metabolic stress.


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The Key Characteristics

Post Exhaustion Tension Sets

  • 90-120 seconds Constant tension
  • Best with bodyweight moves, cables, machines and free weights
  • Do this after heavy work, neurologically demanding work. This allows your to be fresh when you need it most, and chase the pump and blood volume after. 
  • Goal is cell swelling, hypertrophy, greater acute  growth hormone response,  muscle damage. Will this help fat loss yes. Will this help build more muscle yes in the long term.


Workout #1 of the Program: ( skip to [22:45] to see some PETS sets )


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Favorites for PETS after your training  ( 2 mins each, constant tension, focus on maximal contractions) 

  • Behind Neck Smith Machine Press
  • Push Ups (pretty much every kind)
  • Split squats (bodyweight)
  • Shoulder press machine work (back supported and straight)
  • Incline curls
  • Pec Dec
  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Lying Leg Curls
  • Leg Extensions
  • Lateral raises




Luis Diaz

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