92 – 7 Ways to Travel Lean & Not Get Fat


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Today we will talk about the seven things you can do to stay lean on the road. Staying lean while travelling is very had especially if you are in a city or country where you cannot find healthy food. In this episode you will learn small micro sized tips, exercises and strategies you can use if you’re on a business travel.


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“Enjoy yourself. Pick your battles

– Luis Diaz


7 Ways to Travel Lean

Here’s what you’ll discover:

3:04 – Tip number one. Fast on your traveling days.

[6:53] – Tip number two. Have at least two exercise options available when you get to your destination.

[7:59] – Hotel Gym Exercise

  • GBC Style 2 rounds of each
    • A1: Pull-ups (AMRAP) for 45 seconds)
    • A2: Romanian Deadlifts  AMRAP with a 6 to 8 rep max
    • B1: DB Chest Press AMRAP with a 6 to 8 rep max
    • B2: Split Squats (AMRAP) for 45 seconds)
    • C1: Seated Shoulder Press   AMRAP with a 6 to 8 rep max
    • C2: Goblet Squats (AMRAP) for 45 seconds)


Beginner Workout is a bodyweight workout. (push-ups, bands, stairs)

  • Stairs for a warmup 2 mins
  • Wall Sits 30 seconds
  • Push-ups 30 seconds
  • Wall Sits 30 seconds
  • Air squats (if you have access to a dumbbell do goblet squats)
  • Wall Sits 30 seconds
  • Static hold air squats (go down to a squat hold for 10 seconds then come up that’s one rep)
  • Static hold air squats (go down to a squat hold for 10 seconds then come up that’s one rep)
  • Wall Sits 30 seconds
  • Straight Band pull apart 50 to 60 reps.
  • Stairs 2 mins cool down.

[11:27] – Tip number three. Make sure your hotel room has a mini-fridge.

[12:55] – Tip number four. Setting yourself smart for the day.

[14:05] – Tip number five. Enjoy yourself.

[15:38] – Tip number six. Walk.

[16:39] – Tip number seven. Reduce stress and relax.





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