93 – Akash Vaghela and Adam Hayley : Accelerate muscle and strength gains with RNT approach


Today, I’m joined by Adam and Akesh from RNT Fitness based in London, England. Akesh and Adam bring with them 21 combined years of training and more importantly results. Today we get into the in’s and out’s of when you should progress weight, by how much and how often, why you should focus on your worst exercise and the bulletproof basic nutrition principles of a great physique.


Key Takeaways From The Episode

  • In terms of exercise selection sometimes it’s about doing exercises that you may really hate or really suck at.
  • If you keep on changing the workout program every four weeks selling your gains short.
  •        Be objective, if your still progressing don’t change a damn thing

Lean Ripped Healthy

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[06:57]- What are the common training mistakes that you see in your clients?
[13:05]- How do you tell whether its an injury or just someone not liking it.
[14:21]- What are the biggest mistakes you see that people made in terms of nutrition.
[18:18]- “We got a hybrid system in tracking calories intake of our clients”
[27:03]- An eight-week strategy and set-up for beginners who plans to prioritize strength.
[32:55]- What are the things from both of you that you’ve learned in the past that made the biggest difference in your personal training or your own physique.
[34:25]- “If you keep in changing the workout program in four weeks, your body does not actually build any muscle”
[36:49]- The four different case studies that we presented step by step in our seminars
[34:35] – What are the key differences between supplementing for strength games and leaning for abs.
[37:32] – Tools that are helpful in improving sleep recovery


Resources Mentioned In The Episode:

Case studies by RNT 



⦁ RNT Fitness articles I think are awesome!


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