94 The New Breed Athlete With Steve Atlas


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The New Breed Athlete With Steve Atlas

Unlock a healthier, mobile and stronger you with Steve’s new breed athlete principles and training methodology. Enjoy!

Key Topics:

  1. Discovering how to listen to your body and when to back off when you need to, really it’s a virtue.
  2. Teach with humility.
  3. Steve – “Teaching movement is the easy part. Developing a person, now we are talking, now we are really teaching”.


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Here’s what you’ll discover:

4:49 – The Atlas Movement background

11:50 – Where to start if a person wanted to incorporate his fitness routine to Steve’s method?

15:01 – Important pillars that Steve teaches his students that make the difference.

21:05 – Basic Mobility Tests

24:30 – Limiting factors of Yoga, Crossfit, Traditional Weight Training and other fitness practices

27:55 – Commitments of a New Breed Athlete

31:15 – Deloading within the program

33:30 – Nutrition practices that Steve implements with The New Breed Athlete program.

35:55 – Carbo Loading

37:35 – Steve’s big three supplement

39:48 – Where you can find more about Steve Atlas?









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