95 – Genetics Testing and Hacking Your Fitness Genes


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” Caffeine and Dehydration is a Myth ” 

-Luis Diaz

Genetics Testing and Hacking Your Fitness Genes

Ever wonder how much your genetics play a role in reaching your fitness goals? Today I share my own personal test results with a company called fitnessgenes.com, tons of USEFUL tips and knowledge in this episode that you can apply today. I highly suggest you check out their testing kit and take a deeper look at your genes. 


Key Topics:

  1. How to optimize testosterone levels and adequate fat intake for strength and muscle gains.
  2. Creatine can not only build muscle but can be beneficial for intense exercise, improve recovery, increase strength and power and lean body mass.
  3. Caffeine does not have a dehydrating effect, study shows its a myth..


Here’s what you’ll discover:

[5:08] I would like to share with you guys my genetic results

[7:15]: ESR1, to test your testosterone level

[7:45]: How to optimize testosterone level

[9:48]: Overweight leads to low testosterone level

[12:20]: My gene results is AA Genotype

[13:45]: Whats good when your an AAG allele result

[14:38] 3 Supplements for fat loss and cognitive performance:

[18:23] Caffeine improves performance in sports and exercise

[22:14] Caffeine does not have a dehydration effect when exercising in heat or during recovery, …its a myth

[23:33] Ingesting caffeine that has been found increased levels of fatty acid

[25:40] B allele – if you have that, you’re more likely to be a and more efficient energy producer… if you don’t then you are going to more likely lose more energy via heat production

[32:30] When you’re training to a fast stay or in a fast, you want your body to be able to go ahead and switch from burning carbon fats or carbon proteins to using a more reliable source of energy such as fats

[33:05] this activation of the PPARA gene increases in target genes which are involved in the process such as Lipitor oxidation, H.D.L. metabolism, and ketosis.


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