98 – How To Build Your Own Training Workout Program

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How To Build Your Own Program

Key Topics:

  1. Its very hard and do two or more things at once. You can get leaner and get stronger at the same time BUT its not easy and not going to be as effective as going after one goal at a time.
  2. Be realistic and figure out what can you do in the next week
  3. I am not against cardio but, I find other ways to get the same effect or benefit from that in short time

Here’s what you’ll discover:

[(3:51)] 1.Figuring out what is your main “Goal”.Its very hard and do two things at once. You cant get leaner and get stronger at the same time.

[(5:24)] 2. How are you going to measure, when you are going to achieve and what are your milestones.

[(7:43)] 3. Training Variables. How frequently are you going to train? – Be realistic and figure out what can you do in the next week.

[(13:21)] 4. Book your conditioning. Set an appointment for yourself to be at the park or at the gym for
your heat and cardio session.

[(14:20)] 5. Pick the right exercises that best match your goal

[(15:59)] 6. Get an accountability.Its much better when you had a coach, friend or someone who is looking over your shoulder to say are you holding your words

Key Questions?

  1. When is going to be acheived?
  2. What are your milestones?
  3. How will this be measured?


Training Variables: (Examples)

  • Frequency  (# or times per week/month)
  • Volume (reps, sets, duration)
  • Intensity (percentage or 3 to 5 Rm or maybe a % or intensity based on your effort level)
  • Tempo or the reps.

Tips for making through this plan

  • Be realistic
  • Get accountability. A coach, someone you REALLY don’t want to let down. I find this to be best.
  • Make it Fun, keep it interesting and keep it away from being thought of as a choir.








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