3 Metabolic Workouts For Fat Loss and Muscle

3 of My Best Lean Ripped and Healthy Recipes

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Four Forgotten Herbs That Boost Testosterone and Acceletate Fat Loss

  Most herbs are marketed as super foods that can damn well cure almost anything. Therefore I can understand if your skeptical, rest assured the herbs I’m about to talk about are proven be science to work. For guys the importance of having high testosterone or at least maintaining normal levels is of the up […]


Six step system that will save your fat loss efforts….steps to avoiding cravings and staying on track when faced with hunger and bad food.

A simple drug free way to burn fat, fight cravings and actually get healthier STOP! Before you reach for that natures valley bar (which should be renamed sugar valley) Ask yourself these questions and I’m sure that when your done you will either… A. Realize you actually NOT hungry. B. Realized that you can make […]


5 Strategies for Post Holiday Fat Loss (AKA How To Get Back On Track After Eating Way Too Much On the Holidays)

  The holidays are awesome when your a kid and your metabolism is through the roof and you play sports year round. But when your already behind the 8 ball which your fat loss goals or health. A holiday is like D Day. Shit hits the fan and you’ve gotta just try to make it […]


Homemade Pre Workout Fat Loss & Focus Energy Shot (My black magic one two punch)

I don’t use it often only when I need a good kick in the ass. But I thought it would help some of you save money and avoid unnecessary pre workouts supplements. Since 98% are very poor quality and highly over priced. This homemade fat loss and focus shot will help you get locked in […]


2 Strategies For Life Long Abs and Less Fat

Imagine Having A rigid six pack for LIFE… The two things you must do to get lasting results How to build habits that burn fat. The Honest Truth: While you can make significant changes in relatively short periods of time it doesn’t mean shit if you can’t sustain them and don’t understand how to form […]


How To Eat Healthy and Not Get Fat While Traveling

A guide to eating healthy and staying lean on the road By Luis Diaz – CSCS, NASM – CPT   Monday 5:18 pm June 13 2016. The day has sucked so far. My phone vibrates and disrupts my angry stare at the blank word doc I’ve been face to face with all day. I glance […]


The 30 Day “Meat and Potatoes” Beginner Guide

This simple effective program is for you if you like short effective no frills training. Its absolutely free, ONLY rule is that if you use please leave some feedback for me here in the comment and share it with your friends. If something sucks say it. If something kickass say it. 30 Day Beginner – […]


Full Body Fat Loss Workout with Dumbbells and Bodyweight ONLY (At Home Workout For Beginners)

I love the basics, there simple effective and they reap results. Complexity brings about nothing more than confusion. The best results I’ve produced personally were when training was SIMPLE. Training is suppose to be fun and results oriented. Here’s my simple effective fat loss workout from yesterday. (Photo credit: Memegenerator.net) Fat Loss Dumbbell Complex Directions […]


2 Moves For Stronger Abs and Longer Sex

Photo credit: Breakingmuscle.com (No kegels, real exercises for strength, stamina and sex) Luis Diaz, CSCS, NASM-CPT There’s nothing like having the disappointment on your partner’s face when you stop right before she’s about to climax. Or, Having to switch positions because you don’t have the stamina and strength to go into extra innings…. Be the […]


How To Make Sure You Get Free GOLD Sent To Your Inbox

Gmail 1. First, if you find email from us in your Gmail spam folder, select our email and click the “Not Spam” button. 2. Next, open an email that you have received from me 3. Click on the little down-pointing-triangle-arrow next to “Reply”: 4. Click “Add Luis Diaz to Contacts list” Once that is done […]