3 Metabolic Workouts For Fat Loss and Muscle

3 of My Best Lean Ripped and Healthy Recipes

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The 5 Mental Sins That Are Destroying Your Fat Loss

Before you quite the gym, stop the diet, or before you even begin to wonder why you’re not losing fat check yourself and see if theses 5 things run through your mind often. A youtube search for “best diet to lose fat fast” yield over 5 million results. But theres really only 5 mental set […]


Everything You Need To Make 25 Meals in Less Than 2 Hours

  This article will give you all the tools, tips, and steps involved in prepping fast, efficiently, and without a headache….. By Luis “The Ab Guy” Full Video Here! This is a full guide to everything you need to know about the meal prep process. If you have questions please post them at the bottom and […]


How To Add Flavor To Your Meals Without A S**T TON of Calories and Getting Fat

  Getting A Six Pack Doesn’t Have To Taste Disgusting….Here How I Solved This Problem….. By Luis “The Ab Guy” The biggest complaint I get from clients, friends and family is that their food is flavorless and bland and downright disgusting when they try to “eat clean”. Some people can’t enjoy the natural taste of […]


The Four Worst Foods That Most People Actually Think Are Health

Avoid Getting Fat By Avoiding These Food Completely   I see this all the time, after a few warm and fuzzy commercials with a mom feeding here kid some crappy “healthy food” after he comes in from school, a few smiles and hugs, some nice music in the background and everyone thinks the stuff is […]