88 Testosterone 101: Eating, Exercising, Routines, Rituals with Chad Howse


The Testosterone Routine, Forging  Discipline, Eating For Higher Testosterone  with Chad Howse

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Key Topics:

You’ll enjoy this episode if you’re looking for a simple strategy to enjoy your life while making progress in your journey towards getting lean, ripped and healthy.

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Becoming the man you want to be will not be achieved through taking some magic testosterone boosting pill, weird herb or amazing flashy workout gadget. Not even surgery. However, I’m not knocking the fact that yes there are some supplements, training routines and other external things you can do to increase testosterone but its not going to do much.


Today I’ve got a guy whom I’ve been trying to get on the podcast for at least a year. His writing and work are, to me among some of the best stuff I’ve read. Why? Because its simple and effective. On the show today we have entrepreneur and author of the Man Diet (among some really good others, links below). You can check out Chads articles here, but I’ve done gone ahead a linked some of my favorites below.

If you a guy who want to shoot his testosterone levels up a few points then this will be the best podcast you come across today. Enjoy


  • Sleep & stress the main controllable factors you can improve to improve testosterone and health.
  • The #1 thing almost every man can focus on for the next 8 weeks now to increase testosterone.
  • Simple things to keep your sperm count up and testosterone levels optimal.
  • Best books on Discipline, focus and productivity.

Time Stamps:

[5:00] – The three battles you need to win for higher testosterone.

[6:50] – The one thing to do to reduce estrogen drastically. 

[11:00] – 3 really good books for improving focus, productivity and doing more quality work.

[13:00] – The Lost Art of Discipline, the master skill for a better, happier and stronger.

[15:20] – The 5 major things to focus on to improve testosterone levels.

[16:40] – Increasing your testosterone surges: Competing, making more money and more.

[19:30] – Natural Shampoos

[21:10] – Hobbies for relieving stress and increasing testosterone levels. 

[24:15] – Eating For Optimal Testosterone. Best carbs and fats. 

[26:20] – Fats: which are the best for testosterone? Which are the worst?

[30:50] – The 10 Days To Toughness Challenge.

[33:15] – More excellent reads for manliness.


Some of my favorite Articles From Chad:

The Art of Not Giving A Fuck

100 Things A Real Man Doesn’t Do

5 Ways To Become More Disciplined

How To Be Disciplined


Resources Mentioned

The Man Diet

The Testosterone Routine

The Lost Art of Discipline



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