82 Cardio? Before or After? How To Fix Duck Butt and Be Extremely Productive With Colossus Fitness


The 15,000 Calorie Challenge, 90 Minute Warm up Nonsense and The Best Books For Becoming A Better YOU with Colossus Fitness

This week on the show we have Kyle and Josh, the online trainers behind the rapidly growing youtube channel Colossus Fitness. I wanted to bring Josh and Kyle on because they both have very successfully competed in powerlifting and bodybuilding and have what call the “strong and shredded” look down pretty well. A look that every guy is chasing.

Why you should listen:

  • We get into their daily routines, the best books to mastering your day.
  • What RIR is and how to use RIR in your workouts.
  • How to fix an anterior pelvic tilt aka “duck butt”, a common problem with guys who sit a lot.
  • How to diet without crashing and binging. Flexible dieting and more.


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[4:40] – Origin Story of Colossus Fitness

[8:40] – Fixing You Lat Pull Downs, Biggest Mistakes NOT To Make.

[11:30] – What is “RIR”

[16:50] – Fixing Posture and Duck Butt

[17:28] – Best people and books for growing mentally as a man.

[19:00] – “New normal” adjusting your perspective on how hard you’re working.

[21:30] – The Colossus Fitness Morning Routine

[25:10] – The bigger, faster, stronger video series.

[30:25] – Muscle Building Breakfast 101

[33:15] – Overcoming cravings and getting back on track with your diet. Refeeds and carb cycling.

[37:00] – Cardio Before or After? Cardio for Bulking and more.

[40:40] – Powerlifting rituals before your lifts. Tips

45: 50 – Warming up. Are you overdoing it? How to warm up for upper and lower body days.

[51:18] – A little ask for some help! 🙂

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