86 Elliott Hulse On Yoga, Tantra, Bioenergetics, Digestion, Morning Routines and The Seasons of Life



He’s inspired, impacted and changed the lives of thousands men through his youtube videos. He’s an author, coach, entrepreneur and former pro strongman. Elliott Hulse comes on the Lean Ripped and Healthy Radio to discuss the birth if Strength Camp, his journey and what he is up to now. Be sure to share this podcast and let Elliott know how you liked it on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Repetition is the mother of all skill – Elliott Hulse


Key Takeaways From The Episode:

  1. If you don’t have any boundaries there is no room for growth. The importance of saying to NO!!
  2. The seasons of your life dictate your habits and routines.
  3. The first hour of your day is YOURS. Protect it.
  4. If you’re tired, hungry, angry, sleepy or not happy with your mood and energy levels start paying attention the feedback your body is giving you.



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[4:50] – Starting out with no money, tons of debt and 2 kids. The birth of a multi million dollar behemoth, Strength Camp International.

[7:40] – Its starts with the body, the mind is the body, spiritual enlightenment.

[9:40] – Tantra v Yoga

[12:01] – The Yes / No Exercise. How to say “NO” to grow on the inside.

[15:01] – How to chose your morning rituals.

[16:50] – The seasons of life. Smoking weed and doing yoga.

[18:40] – Elliott’s current books.

[20:55] – Predicting seasons in your life.

[24:00] – Elliott’s current morning routine. Key points.

[26:00] – Night time routine and his favorite app.

[27:50] – Mindful nutrition, digestion and paying attention to your body.

[30:25] – Horrible farting at 23 and antibiotics.

[33:01] – The Nonjobs revolution.   

[34:15] – Elliott’s advice to everyone looking to massively  transform their body, mind and life.


Favorite videos and blog posts  from Elliott:

  1. This blog is a great reminder that YOU have the most influence over your destiny, not the weather outside, not the government… you. Read it everyday.
  2. Early on in my training journey I found this video and was hooked. I wanted to get big, lean and strong. It’s also  highlight the key lifts we use in the 8% body fat blueprint and accelerate fat loss, get freakishly strong and look amazing.
  3. This is a 100+ year old quote but god it’s true.
  4. Start your day with this mobility routine
  5. 4 Key things we can all improve on. P.S if you  stare at a computer screen you need this.

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