EP 40 The Best Tool For Fat Loss & Strength Conditioning

Get explosive, lean and strong

With just one simple but brutal tool..

The prowler push is simple, effective and brutal. I find that the most effective exercises are brain dead simple… and since SIMPLIFY is my word for 2017 its very suiting.

Today I’m going to share with you 3 ways you can use this tool and strip off fat at the end of your workouts.

What I love about the prowler push is it easy of use for anyone. Its not very technical, it incorporates the entire body and can really challenge both type I and type II muscle fibers depending on how you do it.

I find it EXTREMELY effective when finishing off a legs or pull day. (currently doing a legs, push, pull reverse pyramid training 6 week program). You can download it for free here.

Give one of these methods a try! They aren’t easy but if you not a fan of low intensity cardio (which YES I am a fan of but I sometimes throw these in)

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Show Notes:

  • The benefits of using the almightly prowler[04:00]
  • Method #1 – The Tried and True,Simple But Brutal and ALL Guts workout  [07:30]
  • Method #2 – EMOM, Going crossfit style [08:30]
  • Method #3 – Rope Prowler Pulls Workout (Also the push/pull variation) [10:10]

3 Ways To use the prowler sled

 3 Ways I’m going to recommend using it (there are lots of of ther ways to use it though just get creative and have fun with it)

Technique #1 Simple Straghtforeward Method: HIIT Method 

Find a 10 yard space you can push it without having to turn around (10 yrd straight away)  Pick a number 5 to 10 this will be the amount reps you will do….

Do these mini all out 10 yard bursts, push all out then rest 15 to 20 seconds until done

Technique #2 EMOM method:

Per from this for 5 minute to start :

Do 2 to 3 reps of 10 yrd  pushes once done rest for the rest of the minute then do it again. The faster you get done the more rest you have within each meinute.

Aim for increasing the rounds every other week.

Technique #2 Rope Prowler pulls  

If you have a long stretch of 30 or 40 yrs this is best great a back day

Tie the rope  to the prowler I recommend using a nice thick rope that ways you can get some great grip work in.

Take a few steps back until theres no slack and pull the prowler to you once out of rope hop back until tight and  repeat.

NOTE: Instead of walking backwards you could also push it forward then jog back to the rope and pull it again. This is the “Push/Pull method” its a fun combo move that will ignite your whole body and nervous system.

BONUS TECHNIQUE: Prowler 4 Min Drop Sets:

Start with HEAVY ASS WEIGHT. Push it as muxh as you can 1 minute, strip about 15%-20% off. Go again for another minute. Strip about another 15%-20% off. Repeat until 4 minutes is up. You will be lucky to still be standing….enjoy.

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