39 Three Mindset Hacks For Winning In Fitness, Training and Life

Finding the mindset to win at fitness.

How to stay motivated, dedicated, consistently WIN in fitness.

John is one of my in-person clients, whom I have the pleasure of working with Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around 6am. Very few people who train that early can bring energy like John.

Which got me thinking about how and why he gets so pumped and amped even

Truth is I probably push him MUCH harder than other clients, only because I know he can handle it mentally. No matter what I throw at him, he attacks it and doesn’t hide or make excuses.

I brought him on the podcast because I wanted to peel back the onion a bit to find out exactly how he cultivates this tough, positive, fearless mindset.

If you find yourself feeling unmotivated to workout, making excuses about why you shouldn’t hit the gym, waking upon the morning feeling like your life sucks then this episode will arm you with some tools to fight those mental traps and win.

We cover 3 mindset strategies John uses both with his clients and himself to blast through mental roadblocks and rough times.

What I found very, very, helpful from this episode is the TOOLBOX. These are the questions you ask yourself and the lies we tell yourself throughout the day. Pay close attention and I advise you to write out your toolbox. Include questions, thoughts, experiences that evoke certain emotions.

[Personal note: One thing this got me thinking about is how I sometimes get angry about my physique and how it looks in certain shirts and outfits. this trivial annoyance (mostly with my shoulders) is a great motivator before training or just when I feel like I should “go easy” when there is not reason to.]

This is learning HOW to convert experiences/emotions to fuel for the fire.

NOTE: Stick around till the end [30:15]ish because John give you the PERFECT M.I.T. (Most important task) of the day. Its VERY powerful.

If you want to get in touch with John to help work on cultivating some of the tools and strategies he lays out you can find him on Facebook:

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For morning motivations

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  • Show Notes:
    Your power and how many people you personally influence each and every day [04:45]
  • Cultivating the mindset to get ripped and in the best shape of your life [08:00]
    Habits for winning the day to day hustle. Everyday. [10:30]
  • Questions Your should ask yourself when your feeling  [12:30]
  • How to enlist help to bulletproof your strategy  [13:15]
  • Converting emotions, turning the negative emotions in FIREY determination and not letting them ruining you.  [13:45]
  • The tool box – telling yourself the RIGHT stories.[16:15]
  • Biggest roadblock/excuse your telling yourself. [22:05]
  • The SIMPLE checklist to that will jumpstart your training, nutrition and life.[23:30]
  • The one question I ask myself and my clients. [28:35]

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