59 Erick Avila – Weight Cutting Nutrition Tips and Strategies for MMA Athletes, Balancing Estrogen, A natural performance enhancing vegetable juice, Increasing Grip Strength and Striking Power and MORE

He’s BACK! Probably one of the nicest and smartest dudes I know….

Erick Avila is a trainer, fitness writer, and nutritionist for elite MMA and martial arts fighters who’s first podcast episode here on the Ask The Ab Guy Podcast covered a lot of interesting topics on some other emerging trends and new research coming out. Today he’s back with new findings, research, diet strategies and

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Show Notes:

  • Ericks Current Training Routine, Canadian strongman training, may tai and deadlifts.
  • •One exercise for more explosive punches for MMA Athletes
  • .The Kettlebell swing, good for fighters?
  • .Pre workout nutrition 8 weeks out from a fight?  What Erick recommends for his athletes.
  • .Foods to AVOID before training.
  • .A pre training shake before getting in the octagon for fighters.
  • .A day of eating for an mma athlete when cutting weight. Erick’s approach.
  • .Maximizing Insulin for anabolism, ideal weight range and insulin.
  • .Coffee and Ketosis?
  • .Strength Training for fighters…muscle imbalances in mma, grappling and striking sports.
  • .Improved grip strength, exercises and tools.
  • .Athletic performance and this kind of juice
  • .Gut Flora and why there a BIG deal.
  • .Pre/Pro Biotics best whole food options
  • .The magic behind Resistant Starches
  • .Brain Enhancing supplements for training and fights.
  • .Breaking down estrogen. Balancing estrogen, phytoestrogens and what to AVOID.
  • .Strength Conditioning for athletes, EMOM training.
  • .Hypoxic Training, mountain running and why
  • .The Future of the Fitness industry
  • .Pre/post workout ceviche

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