Fear Setting Exercise

Answer these three questions, with detail and a lot of thought the reasons for being afraid of change and the true answer towards unlocking your most amazing looking body is hiding behind very ambiguous fears. 


Question #1 Define the worst case scenario:  Define the nightmare of going after the goal, and failing in lots of painful detail.

Goal: Seriously transforming the lives of 20 men this year. 

Failing as a trainer and coach and not progressing and moving forward with my goal of helping 20 men transform their bodies this year. Not having the ability to produce results, not learning from past mistakes, not progressing forward and staying in the same place while other move on and upwards (this is a deep rooted fear, from a childhood experience) for those who come to me for help, being lost in the fitness noise and becoming flat broke,  not behind able to support myself, pay my bills, and enjoy any of the small luxuries like a cup of coffee.

Losing all of my friends and family relationships due to my workaholism and plummeting my happiness due to my failures as a trainer, and driven into immense stress and sadness. Forced to change professions out of necessity and sent into a constant negative mindset. Looking like a failure to those who’s opinion I value greatly, my peers, family, friends the world.

Other dooms day fears:

Getting sued, getting someone injured indefinitely, having the complete opposite effect on someone.

Most likely case scenario, and what are the benefits if this happens? Downside?

Most likely case I believe is success with some “lumps” I’ll learn some, I’ll make some mistakes, I’ll have some great, good and shitty days along the way . A likely case scenario is success because I know I can take any guy and make him look amazing with the right guidance. The degree of success is the big question mark. If the this likely case of an 80% success score (so 16 amazing transformations lets say) I’ll have made an impact on the lives of a decent number with a lot of new lessons, skills and strategies in my tool belt.

Benefit: Skill acquisition,  the experience gained, helped change the lives of 16 men.

Downside: Didn’t get to my goal of 20 which makes shooting for higher numbers in the future, since a natural tendency is to harp on past failures when setting new goals due to fear of missing another goal and feeling like a failure.

How could you turn the worst case scenario around? List out the exact steps to get back to where your are.

If I got sued (for something training related lets say), injured someone, and completely failed, produced no results, help absolutely no one,  had a zero % success rate helping anyone, and went completely broke… where would I be?

I’d still have air in my lunges, I’d still be only 25 (at this point in time in the future). I’d still have the ability to workout and I would still be able to work in other industries using other skills I have.

How would I get back?

  • Go completely minimalist, slashing all expenses, live on 50 bucks week (no gym membership, no supplements, no phone data, no Starbucks, no more amazon, no website,  all luxuries ripped away)
  • If I were rebuild my training career here are the steps I would take.
  • Apply to the top 20 gyms in the world.
  • Go where ever someone would take me and build a name in that gym.
  • Simultaneously work as a bartender at night in the fanciest bar in town to make connections with the ideal customer.
  • Read all the top books on sales, marketing and persuasion between training sessions.
  • Save up enough money to hire a business coach and go at it again.

What are you dooms day fears and steps?

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Luis Diaz

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