96 -The TRUTH about bulking. How to avoid rapid fat gain during a bulk with Frank Rich


 I love this episode so because it has all the elements of a great podcast….

It’s got a great story, (Frank’s trials and tribulations with competing, bulking, cutting, life, low testosterone battles, and finding what works is awesome). Second, you have the knowledge bombs dropped in this episode. Everything from the damaging effects of bulking to how to pick the right probiotics. You’ll discover what fat cell hyperplasia is too which is a very annoying phenomenon that occurs when doing a bulk incorrectly. Plus you get a sweet deal on Frank’s  done for you solution to building mass correctly Massthetic Muscle that makes putting what we talk about in this episode into ACTION.

Lean Ripped Healthy

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What You’ll Discover:

  1. Fat cell hyperplasia. The multiplication of fat cells and what happens when you’re doing a traditional bulk.
  2. The alarming fact about probiotics. (I never knew this!)
  3. How to maximize your muscle building potential within every set.
  4. Nutrient partitioning, insulin, and insulin sensitivity.

Time Stamps

[3:30] – From “Fat Frank” to “Fitness model Frank” 

[5:00] – From 187lb to 260lb (4% body fat to 20+) What not to do. Fat cell hyperplasia. 

[7:02] – Gaining 10lbs a week, high blood pressure, low testosterone the mental effect of bulking. 

[9:20] – Never bulking again, but adding 30 lbs of lean mass. The weird truth.

[13:30] – The truth about bulking. What you don’t know DOES hurt you.

[14:00] – Fat cell hyperplasia. The multiplication of fat cells.

[17:15] – Hunger, satiety and fat cells signaling hunger.

[19:00] – Testosterone, aging and fat cells, The more cells the easier it is to have low testosterone.

[22:25] – Inflammation due to bulking, joints, pain, and disease.  How to shut it down.

[25:30] – The alarming fact about probiotics. (I never knew this!)

[28:15] – Arguably the biggest myth in the muscle building world. Learn this and you’ll skyrocket your ability to build muscle fast.

[33:00] – The Precision hypertrophy principles and resistance profiles explained.

[38:55]- Max output sets. Step by step instructions on how to do one.

[45:00] – The secret to building muscle faster with every rep. How to maximize your muscle building potential within every set.

[50:20] – When to jump back into a cut, and back down your calories.

[52:30] DEXA scans

[56:15] Your action plan for getting to 10% body fat. Anabolic interval sessions.

[1:03:00] The 3 biggest takeaways from Frank. Apply these now!



Mentioned in the episode

  1. Massthetic Muscle
  2. Metagenics Probiotics (affiliate link! Thank you for supporting the show!)
  3. Check out a first week of the Massthetic Muscle Program here!

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