91 – Jordan Syatt On Fixing Rounded Shoulders & Increasing Bench Press Strength with Slow Eccentric Push Ups


Join me today on the Lean Ripped and Health Radio show is 5x record holding powerlifter, strength coach and personal trainer of Gary Vanerchuck,  Jordan Syatt

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[4:35] – The best corrective exercises to fix shoulder pain. Improving upper back mobility and scapular stability. 

[7:35] – Jordan’s recommend frequency for doing shoulder work for improving posture and strength. 

[8:40] – How to get more sleep and recovery even when you extremely busy like Gary Vee.

[11:52] – Bright lines rules. A simple tactic to use for making nutrition on the road super easy. Intermittent fasting and more.

[17:55] – The Hero Workout. The perfect workout when you’re on the road.

[20:50] – The best pushup to increase bench press strength.

[21:36] – Why Jordan doesn’t like clap push-ups.

Key Links Resources Mentioned 3 max

  1. Scapular Wall Slides
  2. Scapular Pushup Progression for Serratus Anterior Recruitment
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Val Slides
  5. The Perfect Day Formula
  6. Turkish Coffee


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