102 – The Fit Man Project with Josiah Novak

On this week’s episode Luis sits down with True Transformations owner and host of the Fitman Project Podcast, Josiah Novak. If you are struggling to get back in the gym or find the motivation you need to start your fitness journey, this episode is for you. Hear Josiah’s amazing story of how he went from overweight, stressed and suicidal to being a lean, ripped and healthy entrepreneur.

You got to have a powerful reason for what you do.

– Josiah Novak

 Lean Ripped & Healthy


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Key Highlights:

⇾ Josiah’s testimony on being stressed, overweight, and suicidal

⇾ Find out why most fitness programs don’t work

⇾ Things you can do daily to building muscle outside of the gym


[07:15] – Luis shares a personal struggle

[07:53] – Understanding your “why” when it comes to fitness

[14:23] – Josiah’s backstory- battles with weight and suicide

[28:49] – Major mistakes that people make when starting a fitness plan

[32:00] – Things you can do outside the gym to help get in shape

 [34:11] – “Touch up sessions” for those that want to get back in the gym

[37:00] – Should I be tracking my macros?

[42:52] – Best episodes of the Fit Man Project

[47:35] – Rapid fire questions 

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