97 – Top 10 Fitness Podcasts To Subscribe To In 2018


Episode 97

Lean Ripped and Healthy Radio

I love podcasts JUST LIKE YOU!

Heck probably more, the ability to share ideas and life changing information through a podcast is something that has improved my life tremendously.

Over the past year I’ve come across some awesome shows in the health and fitness space, some are new names and some are veterans in the game.

However, today’s episode is going to give my top 10 picks I suggest subscribing to TODAY! These are in my opinion the 10 best podcasts in the space that you should keep an eye on in 2018.

You’ll also get my recommendation on what episode to start with.


Lean Ripped Healthy


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In this episode you’ll discover: 3 key highlights

  • A The Best Podcasts about health and nutrition
  • B The Top Podcasts that will help you learn more about fitness
  • C The Top Podcasts that will help you with personality development and proper mindset.


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Mentioned in the Episode:

  1. Mind Pump Media – Episode 540 Building Muscle with Partial Rep  

Episode 616 Cutting Without Losing Muscle

  1. Mark Bell’s PowerCast – Charles Poliquin – Episode #181 Part 1: The Myth of Discipline

Charles Poliquin – Episode #182 Part 2: Hell Yes…or No

  1. Fat Burning Man – John Berardi Intermittent Fasting, Multivitamins and How To Tell Georges St Pierre What To Do

Book: The Wild Diet

  1. The Model Health Show – Episode 259 Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s

Book: Sleep Smarter

  1. Smarter Sculpted Physique – Episode 84 Lies and Misinformation About Artificial Sweeteners
  2. Rippedbody.com By Andy Morgan – Pt 2 Menno Henselmans on Steroid Use, HMB & Ketogenic Study Fraud
  3. Sigma Nutrition Radio – Episode #196 Rob Wildman, PhD – Nutrient Timing & the 24-Hour Approach to Workout Nutrition
  4. The Paleo Solution with Robb Wolf – Episode #367 Dr. Ruscio – Gut Microbiome, Pro and Prebiotics and Thyroid Disease
  5. Iraki Nutrition Podcast – Episode 50 Dan John – Goal Setting
  6. Muscle Expert Podcast – Episode 62 Andy Murphy – The Dickens Process
  7. Vince Del Monte Podcast Show – The 3 V’s of a Champion Mindset

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Feedback Questions:

Whats your favorite podcast?

Whats your favorite episode of this year?

What have you found work for you?


Eloisa Almonicdo

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